Join us in L.A.
Accommodation - MB
Manhattan Beach is about 25 mins
south of Santa Monica   compiled by Chuck
The very high end is the new Shade. 

The most "beachy" non-chain, hotel/motel is
the Sea View Inn. I'd try to stay in one
of their units on the west side of Highland Ave.

The last two times Steve and Loretta stayed over, they stayed at the Hawthorne Suites. (We stayed there while our bedroom was being painted. It's good.)

For Cecilia's wedding some of you stayed at the Marriott. (It may have been the Radisson then.)

The Marriott chain has opened a new "business traveler suite"/"extended stay" Springfield Suites only 6 blocks away from us.

One last thought. If you want an ocean view, go to the Portofino in Redondo Beach, 10 minutes south of us. It is situated next to a breakwater. Specify ocean side. http://www.shadehotel.comhttp://www.seaview-inn.comhttp://www.hawthornsuites-lax.com
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