March 10, 2008

RBB Postal Increase Challenge!

Postage is going up again on May 12. Knitter extraordinaire Teri King proposes a BEANIE CHALLENGE in honor of the rate increase: 42 new Rad Bad Beanies by May first!!!

Here are the new rates: A letter goes up to $.42, a postcard $.27, large envelope (2 oz) $1, letters to other countries $.94.

If you have Forever stamps you bought for $.41, they still will be good for letter postage. I'm guessing that after May 12, Forever stamps will cost $.42.

The USPS will announce new prices for shipping services — Express Mail, Priority Mail, Parcel Select, and International Mail — in March.

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November 24, 2007

Beanie Holiday Challenge!

It's a Beanie Holiday Push! Share your good fortune and yarn of plenty with those in need for a good cause.

Make one of your holiday gifts for a teen in need of mentoring this year! Can we collect 24 RAD BAD BEANIES--or more--by New Year's Eve? Luscious lids can be knit, crocheted, or sewn with fleece. Stitch in some love, for community building.

• This is only two beanies in celebration for each of the Twelve Days of Christmas (Dec. 25-Jan.6), or one beanie for every December day until Christmas Eve.
• This is only three beanies for each day in celebration of Hanukkah (Dec. 4, 2007).
• This is about four beanies for each day in celebration of Kwanzaa (Dec. 26-Jan.1).
• This is only one beanie for every five beads and prayers of the japa mala.

The fifth and sixth days of Kwanzaa represent the principals of Nia (purpose) and Kuumba (creativity), respectively. Nia is a promise to "make our collective vocation the building and developing of our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness." We can learn a lot from Kwanzaa. Reach out to build community among urban youth by supporting their outdoor trips so they can build on their own strength. Kuumba is a promise to "always do as much as we can, in the way we can, in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it." Your craft can do this, both in your community and in the worldwide community that Knitzilla! hopes to bring together!

If your community giving doesn't reach as far as Big City Mountaineers' teens this time, that's okay. Find a way to support community close to you, and pass on your immeasurable gifts. This is what Knitzilla! is all about.

I'll be shipping the Rad Bad Beanies shortly after January 1, hopefully with the help of a few Beanie Bucks to get the caps to Colorado after we tally them up and make pictures.

Peace to you throughout the winter holidays.

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November 20, 2007

13 more Beanies sent!

Thirteen more RAD BAD BEANIES are on their way to at-risk teens hiking in Colorado, thanks to your craft and care. This shipment contains beanies from:

Carol -- Honolulu
Terri -- New York
Candi -- Los Angeles
Ann -- Ohio

We've collected and sent 108 beanies this year -- and sent 180 hats total to urban teens hiking with Big City Mountaineers! Keep on knitting--these students need your love and care!

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September 20, 2007

Four more Rad Bad Beanies sent!

Big City Mountaineers has received four more RAD BAD BEANIES for
urban teens in outdoor mentoring projects! Thanks to Terri Feinstein
Sasanow from New York for her beautiful knitting!

Knitzilla! has donated at least 154 hats so far -- but the BCM
program mentors 250 teens annually! Keep those luscious lids coming
and support urban youth!


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May 06, 2007

28 more hats sent to urban teens!

Many thanks to Laurie Specter for shipping the latest stack of RAD
BAD BEANIES to Big City Mountaineers!

This box contains 28 hats for Rad Teens! This is a total of 150 hats (plus a pair of mittens) to support urban teens!

donations by--
Laurie Specter from LA: 18 Hats
Mary S. from Lincoln NE: 8 Hats!
AJ from LA: 1 Hat!
Terri Sasanow from NY: 1 Hat!

Many thanks for your RAD creativity!

Knit on!

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March 25, 2007

Rad Bad generosity!

Your creativity is overwhelming! Another 23 Beanies sent to Big City
Mountaineers! This makes 131 beanies sent during the project so far!

This shipment includes totally RAD stocking caps, a Peruvian Corner
Boings hat, fleece fun hats, crocheted beanies, and more!

Crafters include: Terri Feinstein Sasanow of NY, Janet Walton of
Louisville KY, KnitGuyLA, Mary S. from Lincoln NE, Marcia McDonald
and AJ Rose from Los Angeles, and Ann from Ohio!

I'd like to thank our contributors for their beautiful work, and for
shipping their beanies in zipper bags to protect them during storage
and travel! Also a beanie buck per hat is what is making shipping
possible! You are making a difference!

A few of the items we received recently seemed a bit small for teen
hikers. These items were sent to a 501(c)3 children's shelter on the
Pine Ridge Lakota Reservation in South Dakota to support youth there.

Thank you for your contributions and your Rad Bad sense of craft!

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November 14, 2006

THANKZILLA for a great second birthday party!


Thanks for a great second birthday party and another great year! Knitzilla! is growing! We are a group of 234 members in Los Angeles and Worldwide, who care about community and craft!

This year Knitzilla's crafty donors have supported those in need worldwide! Including:

•Teen hikers on outdoor mentoring adventures withBig City Mountaineers, with 72 Rad Bad Beanies and a pair of mittens!
•Hurricane Katrina and Rita survivors, with 43 blankets, 31 hats, and 33 scarves!
Afghans for Afghans!
•Pine Ridge Indian Reservation!
•Knit for the Cure!
Dulaan project!
Stitches from the Heart!
Tsunami Volunteer in Khao Lak, Thailand!
•Fairfax High School Knitting Club! (yarn donation)
•Edendale Library Teen Knitting Club! (yarn donation)
•Palisades High School Knitting 101 class and club! (yarn donation)
•And many other projects that you have been too humble to mention!

Every thing you do for others means a lot—you can see how a little bit here and there helps a whole LOT of people in a personal way! Thank you so much for every stitch!

Some folks are knitting above and beyond, however. I'd like to acknowledge this years' biggest supporters of Knitzilla charity craft:
• For the Afghanalong for Katrina survivors that began in August 2005, Millie from the Bronx crocheted 5 blankets, 15 scarves (sent with purchased matching gloves) and 59 squares! Edna Hart knitters in Los Angeles contributed 10 blankets!
• For the Rad Bad Beanie project which started more or less this year, Ann from Ohio donated 13 beanies and 7 skeins of yarn! Dawn from Tennessee donated 8 beanies and 2 skeins.
• For Stitches from the Heart an ongoing project to support preemie babies nationwide, Karen in Atwater Village (L.A.) has knitted some unbelievable number of baby items. We haven't heard from her in a while, but after we gave her some donated yarn this summer, she whipped out more than 72 of them in less than 24 hours!
• Fayanne in LA is in the process of distributing hundreds of skeins of yarn to knitters who love to give back. This is a huge task and a great donation of her time and energy as she supports our worldwide community. (Please let her know if you have time to help her sort or deliver!)

We appreciate the donated yarns from The Knitters Studio, Edna Hart, and individual knitters like you!

We also very much appreciate the generosity of yarn shop owners who offer discounts to community knitters and charity knit projects!

I'd also like to thank the knitters and crocheters who helped put on a great party and raffle! Thanks to AJ for helping to set up and assisting with the Raffle! Thanks to Jamie, AJ, Alicia and everyone else for helping to pack up! Thanks to Katherine and Nichola for helping secure items for the raffle! Thanks to Brady for loaning us his sociology notes so we can remember who won the raffle! And a big thank-you to Mimi's Cafe for hosting us for this event!

We raised $147 toward our annual $270 fees for our mailbox! I'm thrilled! Many thanks to the generous donors for our 2nd Birthday Raffle! Please check them out on our Knitzilla links list and remember to shop locally!

Last, we appreciate the support of The Coffee Table restaurant in Silverlake, which lets us stay a little late, and keeps us warm and well-lit as we knit the Monday nights away!

Hope you have a warm and knitful holiday season!


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October 30, 2006

How-DEEE! Send in Beanies with tags!

I have a funny story to share from Erin at BCM, who is distributing our Rad Bad Beanies to teens in mentoring programs:

One funny thing to tell you—with these kids, it’s in style to leave the tags on their hats when they buy them. So like a price tag, the kids are leaving the “Made By…” tags on the Beanie Project hats. It’s leading to them asking questions when they actually read the tags. (“What’s alpaca fur?” “Who is Ann from Ohio?”) so they are actually getting to understand the history and the care behind the hats on their heads.

You can print your own Rad Bad Beanie tags from either of our two websites.

How-DEE! The tags fold in half, so that they have a front and a back. Feel free to use colored paper, and don't forget to circle the fiber content on the back of the tag.

If anyone is interested in putting together a small info kit on alpacas/sheep/spinning that we can send to the teens, please let us know.

Thanks again for all of your love and care in donating hats to keep these teens' noggins warm while they are doing so much learning!

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October 12, 2006

BCM thrilled with our beanies!

We receive the shipment—once again, we were thrilled at the beautiful hats and mittens! Knitzilla is helping to make our teens truly stylin' on the trail!

Thank you, thank you for everything you all are doing. I'll keep photos coming to you as they come our way!

Erin Sovick
Volunteer Manager

Big City Mountaineers

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September 29, 2006

18 More hats to BCM!

We're sending 18 more hats this week to Big City Mountaineers! This makes a total of 53 hats sent to teen hikers!

Thanks for your love and creativity! Let's keep it up!

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August 31, 2006

Teen photos!

Erin from Big City Mountaineers has sent some photos of teens enjoying their Rad Bad Beanies! She says:

They were definitely a hit—the girls especially made several comments about how “cute” the hats were. We have some fall and winter excursions planned in different areas of the country, so I’ll be sending them out to use even more in the colder weather.

Check them out at the Rad Bad Beanies photo gallery!

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August 15, 2006

We need more beanies!

Cool weather is approaching, and teens hiking in the mountains on mentoring trips need some rad lids to protect their growing noggins!

Every hat you send earns you free tickets for the Knitzilla raffle! Who knows, your generosity could earn you some generous knit swag!

Need a stash re-hash? Check with your LYS to see whether they would offer a discount for yarn that goes to charity projects—or would outright donate some!

Tell your friends about the Rad Bad Beanies project to support urban youth!

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August 01, 2006

More beanie THANKS from Big City Mountaineers!

From: "Erin Sovick"
Date: August 1, 2006 10:48:29 AM PDT
Subject: RE: hats?

Hi Sedda,

Another box arrived yesterday—how GREAT to see more fun colors arrive, especially when many of our older fleece hats have mysteriously “disappeared” this summer, so these personalized handmade ones are even better. Thank you to everybody who contributed to the project—with a strangely rainy and cool Colorado high country summer, they will undoubtedly be out on the trail throughout August.


Erin Sovick
Volunteer Manager
Big City Mountaineers

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July 21, 2006

18 more Rad Bad Beanies to Big City Mountaineers!


We have sent another 18 beanies to Big City Mountaineers in Colorado for their summer mentoring programs! Many thanks to our generous knitters and crocheters:

Ann M—8 beanies! (Ohio)
AJ—4 beanies! (L.A.)
Laura S (L.A.)
Erika (L.A.)
Katherine (L.A.)
Diana (L.A.)

This brings the total number of beanies donated to 34, which means that four trips of students will have warm hats to wear! The group mentors 250 students each year, so there still is plenty of opportunity to practice your creativity on your Rad Bad self!

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June 09, 2006

Beanie thanks from Big City Mountaineers!

I got a great letter from BCM about our first box of Rad Bad Beanies we shipped to Colorado!

...Those hats are WONDERFUL, and yes, they will definitely be of use. We were so thrilled when we opened the box and found such a colorful pile of fun! Our youth love wearing stocking caps anyway
(even when it’s 90 degrees), and I can guarantee that these will be extremely popular with them. What your organization is doing is wonderful, and I guarantee that we will be able to put these great
hats to use for as long as they continue arriving in our office.

Thank you, thank you for supporting our teens! We will be sure to send you some “hat pictures” from our trips at the end of the summer.

Erin Sovick, Volunteer Manager
Big City Mountaineers

So let's keep knitting! We need more Rad, Bad BEANIES!

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May 11, 2006

Teens are getting RAD

I've sent the first package of 16 beautifully handmade RAD BAD BEANIES to Big City Mountaineers for their programs educating urban teens! (An additional donated hat was a bit small, and so was sent to the Lakota tribe (Sioux nation) on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to keep a child warm there. (Rembember Wounded Knee? Same neighborhood.)

Please check out the awesome blogs of Ann and Dawn, who both contributed a LOT of hats!

More than half of BCM's 2006 trips are dedicated to getting young women into the great outdoors and provide them with mentoring and education. That's another great reason to knit up a fun hat pattern you've wanted to try!

The project continues through summer and fall! We're looking for awesome hats to keep kids warm outdoors! (And cash for postage!) Think cool, creative, jester! Snowboarder! If you have great patterns we should link to, please let me know!

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April 18, 2006

Next Beanie Shipment May 2nd!

We'll be sending our next box-o-beanies to Big City Mountaineers on May 2nd! Send your Rad Bad Beanies in!!

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Rad Bad Thanks!

Special thanks to Ann Miller of Bradford, Ohio and Dawn Pietzsch of Manchester, Tenn., for their donations of five and eight hats for the Rad Bad Beanie project!

Both also made generous yarn donations so other knitters can contribute to their community! And Ann donated additional postage for shipping hats to Colorado for the teens!

And thanks to Diana of Los Angeles, who donated three crocheted hats for the project, with yarn from The Knitters Studio in Los Angeles!

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February 08, 2006

12.2lbs of Knitted Love

Another box of knitted and crocheted items is on its way to Rachel in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, to be distributed at the local church!

Many thanks to our volunteers who spent hours and hours creating warmth and love for people who need a hand. And a special thanks to Laurie S, who also donated $10 to ship these items to Mississippi, as well as a box of yarn for Fairfax High!!

This shipment includes:

one made by Erika
two made/pieced by Jennie
the flower-shaped one of scrubbies pieced and enhanced by AJ

five crocheted by Millie from the Bronx , sent with matching gloves!
three knitted and designed by Ans in L.A.
three knitted by Julie from Valley Village!

one knitted by Julie from Valley Village!
seven knitted by Laurie S!
ten knitted from wool yarn by Sedda (me) donated by Black Sheep Knittery! Thanks Black Sheep!

Thanks again to Alcuin, Fernie and FedEx Kinkos in Hollywood, who has donated an employee discount to help us ship these items for cheap!

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November 18, 2005

Knitzilla 2005 -- a year of community support

For those of you who weren't able to make it to Monday's Knitzilla Birthday Party, here is a summary of what's been going on in Knitzilla this year!

I started Knitzilla! to create an environment where creative people could come together and exchange ideas, and be supported (in the guise of knitting+crochet). I enjoy diversity in thought and spirit,
which is why it's important that the group is 'all ages, all genders.' It's important to support kids in a healthy way that builds relationships between generations.

It was important to me that the group have a community component for giving back. Life is so much more rewarding when you can participate in the community around you, and support it, and nurture it. That's how the community grows. People are so busy these days that's easy to forget, and that's why our charity projects so far have been small items that multiply. The idea is, if everyone gives back just a little--one scrubbie, one square, one donation of yarn or needles--the effect is still huge. It's huge to the person who receives the gift.

But it's also important to take time to create for yourself, and renew your own nurturing spirit. And that's what makes our Monday knit nights in Silverlake so fun.

Thanks for joining our group, and sharing your giving spirit! We hope to see you -- and your friends -- out on Monday nights!

Check out our numbers on this years' community projects!

•Knitzilla!s first meeting on Nov. 15, 2004: 3 members (two friends from my old job, and one's daughter)
•Knitzilla!s current membership: 161 members, including more than 40 national members

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November 04, 2005

Last of the IV wrist covers sent to good homes

The remaining IV covers never made it to the hospital in Chicago—I gave half of them to a kindergarden student outside of LA who has Hemophilia and must go to the hospital, complete with IV treatments, every time another child bumps into him or if he walks into something (a simple bump or bruise is life-threatening to him). He uses the covers to keep the IV setup safe when he gets home from the hospital.

Then it turned out his kindergarden teacher has an autoimmune disease that requires a similar setup —she's been cutting holes out of her husband's socks to make covers for her hand, and is grateful to have an upgrade with the beautiful knitted/crocheted covers y'all have made.

Thanks again for your care and generosity as you give your time for others. You are making a difference, and are bringing our worldwide community together, one stitch at a time.

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October 08, 2005

IV Wrist Warmer project closed

I have received the unfortunate news that Children's Hospital LA is unable to make easy use of the IV wrist covers we have been testing as a new community project. The hospital is having sterility issues with the covers, as well as a convenience issue since the IV setup needs to be checked every hour.

—>Fear not! If you have IV covers that need a home, they still will go to good use! Please send them to the Centegra Hospital volunteer coordinator in suburban Chicago, who has been using them effectively in pediatrics as a project of the McHenry County Knitting Guild.

Thanks again for your hard work. We collected 30 IV wrist covers for Children's Hospital, and I'm sure the kids enjoyed them (even though the nurses weren't ultimately thrilled with them. They liked the idea, though, and thank us for our efforts.).

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September 16, 2005

IV Wrist Warmer project gets a good start

I dropped off another bakers' dozen IV wrist warmers to Children's Hospital today. Volunteer coordinator Dora Patino says they are greatly appreciated, and the nurses like them so far. This makes 29 warmers donated so far.

Many thanks to Karen C, YinYang Di and AJ for their hard work!

Wondering what these things look like? Patterns with photos appear here.

I'm still waiting to hear whether there are any pattern adjustments. No complaints so far, but stay tuned, as we may need to fine tune the patterns.

This is sort of a back-burner project, since our main efforts are going into an Afghanalong for Katrina. All of Knitzilla's projects support the community, so we encourage you to knit where you like, and where you have time.

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August 16, 2005

Help knit a few quick samples?

Hey, would anyone like to help me make a few children's IV wrist covers as samples for Children's Hospital? They are fast and easy.

I'm planning on these being part of our next charity initiative, after the scrubbie project is finished. These wrist covers make a child's hospital stay a teeny tiny bit more comfortable, as it makes the IV less annoying.

The hospital, located on Sunset, is interested in trying some samples to see if they will work here in LA. (I got the idea from Cultured Purls which knits them from a hospital in Illinois. Thanks to Bev's Country Cottage for the link up!)

These are very easy to knit or crochet -- it's basically a small rectangle, folded in half and then stitched along the seam into a tube. But you leave a space in the middle of the seam as a thumbhole.
We'll use this for teaching knitting, too -- why rip out if it can be useful?

Anyone want to make one? I'll take it!!


Finished size roughly 3"x6" (?) I'm making a sample now.
No wool/alpaca. Many sick kids are allergic.
Nothing too fuzzy, to alleviate problems.
If you wash it before sending to fluff it up, please no scented
fabric softener.
Colorful yarn is best for kids, of course.
Cheapo washable yarn works fine, and the stretchyness is v. helpful.

Finished ones can be sent in or brought to a Knitzilla meeting.

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May 01, 2005

Related relief work

If you have an interest in similar relief work for non-tsunami areas of need in the world, please check out my friend Don's trip to Romania to deliver a much-needed echodoppler to surgeons operating on children's hearts. The echodoppler shows live photos of a beating heart.

He'll be posting daily about the trip, with great photos and stories. They are looking for donations, as well. Check out Flight for Life and Gift of Life -- a 501(c)3.

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April 18, 2005

It's National Volunteer Week

April 17-24 is National Volunteer Week. This is a good week to make a commitment to help your community! A gift of time -- only one hour per month -- to your neighborhood goes a long, long way.

You don't need to be a hero to volunteer. Volunteers are heros. And every community needs help. You could read stories to children. File books at the library. Plant trees. Teach knit or crochet at a nursing home. Teach English in the evenings to Spanish speakers. Sure, you could travel, like I'm able to do this year. But you can be just as helpful near your home (and you won't need shots for that!).

You don't even need a formal group or commitment to volunteer. Maybe for one hour a week, you could grocery shop for an elderly person in your neighborhood. Or cut their grass. Help the neighbor's kid with his homework.

Stumped? Try Volunteer Match. They have a lot of ideas, right near you.

Seem intimidating? Feel like you don't have time? Call up that friend you keep meaning to have lunch with, and volunteer together. You'll be guaranteed to see each other once a month, for an hour.

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February 11, 2005

Fundraiser in Eagle Rock Tomorrow

The String Scrubbie Project will have a table at tomorrow's tsunami fundraiser at the Eagle Rock Center for the Arts!

Come on by and join me!

Money raised by the $10 entrance fee will go directly to tsunami survivors in Thailand. Funds donated in exchange for scrubbies will benefit children and families who survived the tsunami via UNICEF.

For more info go to or click 'continue reading' below.

WHEN: Saturday, February 12th, from 12:30-4:30pm

WHERE: Eagle Rock Community Center for the Arts (a historic landmark in the California Mission style)
located at 2225 Colorado Boulevard (across the street from Swork)


Your $10 doantion at the door is worth almost 1,000 bhat in Thailand. 1,000
bhat is the equivalent of 100 meals! So, if you think you don't have much
to give, think again. And if you think you've already given, please
remember this is the largest natural disaster in the history of the world
and there's a bottomless pit of need!

Need some non-guilt-related reasons?
It's gonna be a smokin' party! Four bands! You could win a free airline
ticket anywhere in the U.S.! Beautiful jewelry! A gift certificate from The
Coffee Table or Casa Bianca, the home of L.A.'s best pizza! Chiropractic
sessions, massage therapy, Vedic astrology readings with Yours Truly,
writing workshops, stunning professional photographs, cd's, books,
dvd's, and on and on and on.

Need a selfish reason? It's gonna be a great networking opportunity!
Numerous power-house people and business owners will be attending.

Many thanks,
Carol Allen

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