May 11, 2006

Afghanalong finale!

The Afghanalong for hurricane survivors has successfully concluded its current effort! Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who contributed!

I have shipped the final box of handmade blankets to Ocean Springs, MS to hurricane survivors. This last shipment contained:

-baby blanket made from crochet squares by Millie from the Bronx and stitched together by Diana in Los Angeles
-red, white and blue blanket made from crochet squares by Millie from the Bronx and stitched together by Marie in L.A.
-red scrubbie baby blanket stitched together and prewashed with dye magnets by David in L.A.
-scrubbie baby blanket crocheted together by AJ in L.A.
-large earthtone afghan crocheted by Millie from the Bronx

All together, 36 individual crafters contribute to the project, including to a number of Edna Hart knitters who contributed beautiful blankets and hats (and photos--thanks Lyndsay!).

These generous artists have donated 43 blankets, 31 hats and 33 scarves to hurricane survivors since September, 2005. Many contributed additional yarn from their own stashes, and shipping help as well, which is greatly appreciated! Also, 15 squares were donated to Warm Up America via Michael's craft store, to help other needy people.

I also would like to thank The Knitter's Studio, Edna Hart, Black Sheep Knittery, and That Yarn Store for their generous yarn donations, publicity and general support of this project and all that we do!

Thanks as well to FedEx Kinko's in Hollywood, and especially Fernie the manager, for allowing us to ship many of the items to survivors at cost. This really made a difference for us! (Unfortunately, they have recently changed their policies on this and we can no longer take advantage of it—but it was good while it lasted.)

Another special thanks to Rachel Evans, in Ocean Springs, MS, who coordinated donation with her church there!

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April 18, 2006

Afghanalong wraps up May 9th

I have checked the weather map for Ocean Springs, MS, and this week they have lows in the 60s and highs in the 80s.

Not exactly optimal weather for hand-knitted items. For this reason, I am concluding the Afghanalong for the summer, at least. We may decide to revive it next fall, stay tuned.

I will send a final shipment of blankets only on May 9th. If you have any projects or squares to finish up that you would like to go to New Orleans, please bring them in or send them to the Knitzilla mailing address to arrive by May 8th.

If you have hats, scarves, socks, mittens, or whatever else that you'd like to donate, send them along and we will find a good home for them in a place where it's colder!

Thanks for all of your hard work in knit and crochet,

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February 08, 2006

12.2lbs of Knitted Love

Another box of knitted and crocheted items is on its way to Rachel in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, to be distributed at the local church!

Many thanks to our volunteers who spent hours and hours creating warmth and love for people who need a hand. And a special thanks to Laurie S, who also donated $10 to ship these items to Mississippi, as well as a box of yarn for Fairfax High!!

This shipment includes:

one made by Erika
two made/pieced by Jennie
the flower-shaped one of scrubbies pieced and enhanced by AJ

five crocheted by Millie from the Bronx , sent with matching gloves!
three knitted and designed by Ans in L.A.
three knitted by Julie from Valley Village!

one knitted by Julie from Valley Village!
seven knitted by Laurie S!
ten knitted from wool yarn by Sedda (me) donated by Black Sheep Knittery! Thanks Black Sheep!

Thanks again to Alcuin, Fernie and FedEx Kinkos in Hollywood, who has donated an employee discount to help us ship these items for cheap!

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January 24, 2006

Hurricane Afghanalong Continues

We'll continue with our Afghanalong for hurricane survivors for a while longer. Our friend Rachel confirms our items are still needed—in her town of Ocean Springs, MS, there are still 5000 people living in tents. There are likely many others in other states nearby who are in need as well. Anything warm and handmade you'd like to send, we'll take it. Blankets, hats, wristies, scarves, baby blankets. All sizes. Please put each item in a Ziploc-type bag. If you'd like to write a note to the recipient, please include it in the Ziploc bag. We'll also take donations of postage, shipping or cash to get the stuff to the gulf region.

I'll be sending a shipment on Feb. 8th, then after that, another one will go the first or second week of March. So if you have anything you're working on that's close to bind-off, now is a good time.
Please bring your items to a Knitzilla! meeting, mail them to our mailing address (after the jump).

Thanks again for all that you do for others, whether it's for our project or another one you believe in.
We hope to see you on a Monday knit night!

4470 sunset blvd.
los angeles ca 90027

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January 04, 2006

More warm items sent to Mississippi

We sent a box today to Ocean Springs, Mississippi, today, containing one child's blanket and 14 scarves! Many of the scarves had matching gloves donated to be presented as a set.

Many thanks to Millie from the Bronx, Stephanie, AJ, Whitney, Brady, and all the crocheters at AJ's work for making this donation happen!

I should note that AJ has taught the crocheters at her work everything they know, and their first big project was to donate squares to hurricane survivors! That's a great way of sharing the love, AJ!

Also many thanks to Chris T. at the Hollywood (Vine) FedEx Kinko's, who gave us discounted shipping to send the items!

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November 23, 2005

Three more blankets, eight scarves sent to MS

We've sent three more crocheted baby blankets and eight scarves to Ocean Springs MS, for distribution at the Lutheran Church, where 700 people come daily to receive help. Thanks again to Rachel in Ocean Springs for helping to coordinate this effort and make sure these warm items go where they are needed!

We have collected 33 blankets for the project, and 32 have been sent to survivors. We've also collected 13 hats and 14 scarves, of which 13 hats and 8 scarves have been sent to hurricane survivors!

We will continue to send afghans, baby blankets and warm items to hurricane survivors as long as they are needed. We are in need of knit +crocheted 7x9 squares, full size afghans, baby blankets, and
scarves. If you'd like to knit or crochet toys for xmas, we can send those as well.

If you have donated yarn that you are working for the project, please do what you can to finish up quickly so we can get warm things to people in need before the holidays, which will be a difficult time.

Thanks again for your support and your time for others.

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Mississippi survivors thrilled to receive handmade blankets

Rachel, our knit pal in Mississippi, has donated our handmade blankets to a local church that is helping 700 people A DAY who are surviving after the hurricane. They are THRILLED with the handmade, brand new donations we are sending, as well as the notes of love and support. We'll send our next group of blankets there shortly--if you are finishing up a lap size or baby size afghan (or quilt!), send it along! The larger blankets will help families with older kids.

Check out Rachel's story about dropping off the blankets.

I hope everyone has a fabulous Thanksgiving and can take just a moment out of the day to send some positive, healing thoughts to some families who could really use some extra strength.

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November 18, 2005

Afghanalong project up to 29 blankets, plus!

collecting 7x9" squares or completed afghans, to send blankets to survivors of two Gulf Coast hurricanes (we'll also take hats+scarves)
•we have collected 29 blankets and several squares
•blankets and squares made by 24 volunteers from 3 states
•project was started the week after Labor Day 2005, continues through Christmas, possibly longer
•Thanks to Edna Hart, The Knitters Studio, Black Sheep Knittery for yarn donations

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Thanks for your donations, keep 'em coming!

A hearty thanks to the volunteers who have recently sent in blankets for hurricane survivors! We'll find homes for these soon!

The beautiful work knocks my socks off! Check out the photos at the Afghanalong website.

•Millie from the Bronx has sent 2 more baby blankets, a large afghan, and five scarf/glove sets! (Y'all are going to have to compete with Millie for community crafting this year--she's already donated six blankets and 5 scarves.)
•Grace finished her beautiful blue+brown crochet baby blanket
•Gisela finished an amazing vibrant orange scrubbie blanket crocheted out of crazy, complicated shapes
•Michele from the Bronx sent in a beautiful blue crocheted baby blanket
•Alice from Colorado quilted a cute snowman baby blanket

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November 05, 2005

Want to help us out for cheap?

We have some yarn, fabulously donated by the Black Sheep Knittery and The Knitter's Studio, for our projects. We're looking for people to knit it up! Come to tomorrow's Sunday Sew-Up, or a Monday Knitzilla! meeting to pick some up!

If you need some mailed to you, that can be arranged -- but it would be great if you could pop for postage. I know that sounds cheap, but our group doesn't have much of a budget (let me clarify: we don't have a budget), so even a couple of bucks in postage is a bit of a juggling act to arrange.

Knit on!

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Ten more blankets heading to Hurricane-Land

Fellow knitter Rachel Evans in Ocean Springs, MS, has offered to distribute our baby blankets in her neighborhood, which was swamped after Katrina.

Rachel's house survived fine, as did a couple of others on her block...but not so much for the whole rest of the neighborhood nearby. She says the topic of the hurricane and what everyone has gone through is still on everyone's minds, and some areas are still collecting food for the needy. Many are still in shelters. Many are staying in friends' RVs. But the atmosphere there is upbeat, with people saying things like, "Oh, we're doing fine, we only got 5 feet of water. We'll be fine."

We are sending Rachel the last of our current stash of finished items:
•4 baby blanket + hat matching sets (so cute) and 4 baby hats made by Edna Hart knitters with Edna's donated yarn (thanks Edna!)
•1 adult hat made by me
•6 crochet/sewn baby blankets, including ones by Millie from the Bronx, the sewn one from Alice in Denver, and the crocheted ones by Michele from the Bronx and the Mystery Crocheter from Silver Spring.

So, that's 10 baby blankets and 9 hats in this shipment going to Mississippi, which totals 29 blankets and 12 hats that Knitzilla! and Knitzilla!Worldwide have donated to help those in need since September.

Good work!

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October 20, 2005

Nine more baby blankets heading to Gulf region!

I sent out nine blankets and a scarf today, straight to hurricane survivors. This means the project has sent 17 blankets to survivors—and we still have a few to ship! Thanks to Fernie, the manager at FedEx Kinko'sin Hollywood, who gave us a 75% discount today on shipping, allowing the blankets to get there that much faster! Check out photos of the blankets.

Each of the five families who will receive their blankets next week has lost everything, and are staying in a temporary living situation, like with family or an under-furnished apartment. I hope that the blankets we send provide a small amount of comfort to the children in these families.

Click on continue below to see where the blankets are going.

Your creativity and sharing is touching families firsthand. Thank you very much for your support and hard work.

There are too many people affected to end this project soon — we'll be knitting for survivors through the holidays, at least.

If you would like to support any of these families further, please let me know (fiberspiritATraincircleDOTcom). They all could use some help.

•Two blankets went to the Johnson family, with a two-year-old boy and a nine-month old girl, who lived in Portland for 6 years, then moved to Biloxi, MS in July so Aaron could start his service in the US Air Force. Less than two months later, Serena, Aaron and their two babies lost everything. They have moved to Colorado. (They also will take any contributions, which can be made to the "Aaron and Serena Johnson Donation Fund" at any Wells Fargo Bank.)

•A blanket went to Marrero, Louisiana, to a recently widowed mother with a 7-month-old baby.

•A blanket went to 7-month-old Jenna, in Hammond, LA. Jenna has a 13-year old sister named Devin, and I put in a knitted scarf for her that I made, to make sure her sister didn't get all the luck.

•17-month-old Joseph, whose house in Bay St. Louis was completely destroyed, received a blanket. Joseph and his mom Christy are staying with Grampa in Alabama, dad Byron is in Okinawa serving in the Navy until January, and so far can't get back to help his family until then.

•And, we sent four blankets to a family who lived in Chalmette, LA before the storm. They have four children aged 3, 2, 18 mos, and a boy on the way in a couple of weeks. They are looking for a place to rent or buy nearby before baby #4 arrives.

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October 18, 2005

Ten more blankets and hats in!

A hearty thanks to the Edna Hart knitters! Edna donated a ton of cotton yarn, and knitters who work with her and shop in her store have created 10 lovely baby hat and baby blanket sets for hurricane survivors! The colors are uplifting and soothing, and great for kids. (And one of the patterns was designed+knit by Kat, who submitted the pattern to Interweave! Cross your fingers for her that it gets accepted!)

Check out the great photos Lyndsay took on the Afghanalong site — Thanks Lyndsay!

We've also received one more afgan square -- only 18 more and we'll have another baby blanket!

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October 17, 2005

Sunday Sew up -- Knit in the park!

The Sunday Sew-Up at Griffith Park was fun! Though we didn't have much to sew up. We've had several full blankets donated, but only one square.

So the 8 knitters and crocheters who joined us braved spitting rain and began squares out of donated yarn from The Knitter's Studio and Black Sheep Knittery, and their own yarn. Hank is crazy about the tesselating fish and has decided that our idea of doubling the Nature Spun sport weight wool on #8 needles is cute, but suicidal -- the fish are small enough to throw back into the water. (He's going to make them into a scarf to donate, then move on.)

So he suggested tripling the yarn with #11 needles, which produces a much bigger fish. I think he may knit an entire blanket by the time the week's out!

AJ saved the day by bringing yummy bagels and cream cheese for us to snack on, after the hookup fell through on the donated bagels. Thank you!

Many thanks to the ultra patient non-knitter who thought he was going to read a book while his galpal knitted. I conned him into untangling a hellacious rat's nest of Nature Spun yarn. We're beginning to see why so much of it is donated....It's wound with a lot of twist and is quite grabby, and I haven't found a single shorty skein of it that didn't require 20-40 minutes of tedious, zen-testing knot untying. It knits up soft and easily, though!

Hope to see you at our next Sunday Sew-Up on Nov. 6th!

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October 09, 2005

Go fish

Would anyone rather knit some fish instead of squares for our community project? Check out this cool stash blanket (with pattern) and this one that follows the pattern directly with new yarn. The second knitter also adds tips in the 15 Sept. 05 post of her blog.

If you would like to participate in the project (fish OR squares) but need some yarn, come on by to a Knitzilla meeting and let us know. We have yarn donated to make afghans just waiting to be knit up or crocheted by a willing volunteer!

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October 05, 2005

Free Bagels at Sunday Sew-Ups!

Noah's Bagels has generously agreed to donate free bagels to our Sunday Sew-Ups in Griffith Park! So come hungry (and come with cream cheese)!

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October 04, 2005

Join us! Sunday Sew-Ups for afghans

Join Knitzilla! at our Sunday Sew-Up Picnics
Oct. 16 and Nov. 6, 2005
to knit squares and assemble them into afghans for hurricane survivors
10am-2pm in Griffith Park
NE corner of Los Feliz Blvd. & Riverside Dr. Map
Just south of the Pony Rides
near the 180, 181 and 96 bus lines
It's a knitting picnic!

--if it's very crowded and you don't see us, look for a sign or note near the picnic tables. This is a competitive area, so I'm not sure exactly where we'll land but we will stay as close to the bus stops as we can.

--if it's raining, meet at The Coffee Table, 2930 Rowena, 90039

Please bring:
your completed squares
tapestry needle (knitters) or crochet hook
size 8 knitting needles for new squares or fish blocks
needles+yarn to make new squares
instructions for mattress stitch
scissors or snippers
your positive spirit

cream cheese for your bagel or any other snack or drink you like
blanket to sit on, or a folding chair if you prefer
a fleece or jacket to keep you warm

(Please check park regulations with the rangers before the event if you are thinking about bringing a dog.)

We may make a tesselating fish blanket!!


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Two more baby blankets in!

We've received two more baby blankets in the mail for Katrina survivors from a generous anonymous crocheter, from Silver Spring MD! Many thanks to this giving crafter!

We have completed/received a total of 12 blankets!

-three will be distributed
-eight have been sent to Katrina survivors!
-one supported tsunami relief in Thailand

We hope to see you at our Sunday Sewups on Oct. 16 and Nov. 6 in Griffith Park!

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September 17, 2005

MCC collecting donations TODAY

MCC is collecting items for the Caravan of Hope that will be departing the Los Angeles & San Diego area on Monday, Sept. 19. Donations for People will be delivered to: Houston, Baton Rouge, Hattiesburg....they will take as much as they can to fill 53' tractor trailer.

Donations for Animals will be delivered directly to the shelter in Tylertown. Emergency Animal Rescue teams have already left with two loads of supplies. We are accepting everything we can fit in a 24' trailer.

For more info on items to donate, please see their ad under Volunteers on Craig's List. (FYI--CL deletes ads after about a week.) Financial donations are also gladly accepted for gas.

Metropolitan Community Church Los Angeles
8714 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069
310-854-9110 Rev. Pat is coordinating.

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More donated blankets sent to Louisiana today!

I have shipped the second batch of knitted/crocheted baby blankets for Katrina survivors. This box of four handmade scrubbie blankets and 17 scrubbies is going to a women's shelter near Baton Rouge, which houses 80 women and babies. A volunteer in Denham Springs, Louisiana is collecting the items and will take them to the shelter next week. Their group's project is actually a scrubbie (washcloth) project to donate to evacuees, here is their yahoo site: Cloths for Baton Rouge Babies. (How cute is that ladybug scrubbie on their site!!)

This brings our total to NINE donated baby blankets, and eight of them are on their way to Katrina survivors already! Check out the photos on our website!

I would like to especially thank Aaron at the Hollywood FedEx Kinko's, and his asst. manager (whose name I missed), who donated their 75% employee discount so we could ship the blankets cheaply to Louisiana. The 6.55 lb box cost us $3.73 to ship via FedEx ground. Knitzilla doesn't have funds stashed away for these expenses, so every discount and donation we get is greatly appreciated.

Aaron mention that a friend of his from Louisiana has brought 10 displaced family members from Louisiana here to LA to help them out. I told Aaron that if they need afghans, esp. baby blankets, to let us know.

Thanks for your hard work. Please spread the word about the Afganalong! We want to help as many families as we can.

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September 12, 2005

Why can't we all Afghanalong?

We are expanding our scrubbie blanket project into a true AFGHANALONG FOR KATRINA.

We are collecting 7in x 9in squares to stitch together into blankets for Katrina survivors. Check out our website for more info and where to mail squares or completed baby blankets, lap blankets or afghans.

Spread the word! Steal our button!

Please join us on Oct. 16 and Nov. 6 for two Sunday Sew-Ups, when we will be stitching the squares together. Please let your friends know -- we'll need a lot of help! The time and location will be announced later.

Thanks for your participation so far! This has been a year filled with need in our world, and your commitment is greatly appreciated!

(Interested in our Yahoo groups? Knitzilla! is a group of concerned knitters who meet monday nights in Silverlake (Los Angeles) and Knitzilla!worldwide is a mailing list for crocheters+knitters living outside of LA who are interested in our projects.)

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September 07, 2005

Katrina help on the way

I dropped off the first donation to Stitches from the Heart today. They were thrilled to get Rhonda's state blankets and some scrubbies (they LOVED the state blankets), but were fairly full on taking other donation items -- it seems they didn't intend to take donations of items beyond knitted things after all, there was a bit of a mixup.

But it all worked out fine--after a bit of research, I discovered MCC (Metropolitan Community Church) in West Hollywood is sending a semi truck to Katrina Land this weekend. They will make sure that Baby Melt's donated t-shirts for kids with gay parents will go to places where gay parents can get them (the brand new tees have great snarky sayings on them like, My Daddy Dresses Me Better Than Your Daddy, and Two Mommies are Better than One. They are totally cute!).

I also took the heaviest of our donations to MCC (soaps and shampoos that would cost a lot to mail), as well as about 10 boxes and three trash bags filled with donations from Stitches from the Heart, who needed the help (they have shipped a number of boxes already). MCC is extremely grateful for the items, thanking me many times for your generosity. Their truck is donated fully -- driver, gas and 51 foot truck -- all the way to the South. They already had collected many items for pets, including small kits of: a can of dog food, some treats, + a resealable bowl. Lots of toiletries, too. Now they are just looking for a place to send the truck!

If you still want to donate "stuff" (as opposed to cash) there are links online that suggest what's needed for survivors-- try this one for some more info. Please note some places -- like Dream Center in Echo Park -- have
stopped taking clothing, as they have enough already.

Many thanks again for your donations and hard work. And thanks to those of you who sent scrubbies, they really are going to people who need them. We will keep stitching our scrubbie blankets, and donate them through Stitches or another group headed that way.

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