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November 14, 2006

THANKZILLA for a great second birthday party!


Thanks for a great second birthday party and another great year! Knitzilla! is growing! We are a group of 234 members in Los Angeles and Worldwide, who care about community and craft!

This year Knitzilla's crafty donors have supported those in need worldwide! Including:

•Teen hikers on outdoor mentoring adventures withBig City Mountaineers, with 72 Rad Bad Beanies and a pair of mittens!
•Hurricane Katrina and Rita survivors, with 43 blankets, 31 hats, and 33 scarves!
Afghans for Afghans!
•Pine Ridge Indian Reservation!
•Knit for the Cure!
Dulaan project!
Stitches from the Heart!
Tsunami Volunteer in Khao Lak, Thailand!
•Fairfax High School Knitting Club! (yarn donation)
•Edendale Library Teen Knitting Club! (yarn donation)
•Palisades High School Knitting 101 class and club! (yarn donation)
•And many other projects that you have been too humble to mention!

Every thing you do for others means a lot—you can see how a little bit here and there helps a whole LOT of people in a personal way! Thank you so much for every stitch!

Some folks are knitting above and beyond, however. I'd like to acknowledge this years' biggest supporters of Knitzilla charity craft:
• For the Afghanalong for Katrina survivors that began in August 2005, Millie from the Bronx crocheted 5 blankets, 15 scarves (sent with purchased matching gloves) and 59 squares! Edna Hart knitters in Los Angeles contributed 10 blankets!
• For the Rad Bad Beanie project which started more or less this year, Ann from Ohio donated 13 beanies and 7 skeins of yarn! Dawn from Tennessee donated 8 beanies and 2 skeins.
• For Stitches from the Heart an ongoing project to support preemie babies nationwide, Karen in Atwater Village (L.A.) has knitted some unbelievable number of baby items. We haven't heard from her in a while, but after we gave her some donated yarn this summer, she whipped out more than 72 of them in less than 24 hours!
• Fayanne in LA is in the process of distributing hundreds of skeins of yarn to knitters who love to give back. This is a huge task and a great donation of her time and energy as she supports our worldwide community. (Please let her know if you have time to help her sort or deliver!)

We appreciate the donated yarns from The Knitters Studio, Edna Hart, and individual knitters like you!

We also very much appreciate the generosity of yarn shop owners who offer discounts to community knitters and charity knit projects!

I'd also like to thank the knitters and crocheters who helped put on a great party and raffle! Thanks to AJ for helping to set up and assisting with the Raffle! Thanks to Jamie, AJ, Alicia and everyone else for helping to pack up! Thanks to Katherine and Nichola for helping secure items for the raffle! Thanks to Brady for loaning us his sociology notes so we can remember who won the raffle! And a big thank-you to Mimi's Cafe for hosting us for this event!

We raised $147 toward our annual $270 fees for our mailbox! I'm thrilled! Many thanks to the generous donors for our 2nd Birthday Raffle! Please check them out on our Knitzilla links list and remember to shop locally!

Last, we appreciate the support of The Coffee Table restaurant in Silverlake, which lets us stay a little late, and keeps us warm and well-lit as we knit the Monday nights away!

Hope you have a warm and knitful holiday season!


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