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October 30, 2006

How-DEEE! Send in Beanies with tags!

I have a funny story to share from Erin at BCM, who is distributing our Rad Bad Beanies to teens in mentoring programs:

One funny thing to tell you—with these kids, it’s in style to leave the tags on their hats when they buy them. So like a price tag, the kids are leaving the “Made By…” tags on the Beanie Project hats. It’s leading to them asking questions when they actually read the tags. (“What’s alpaca fur?” “Who is Ann from Ohio?”) so they are actually getting to understand the history and the care behind the hats on their heads.

You can print your own Rad Bad Beanie tags from either of our two websites.

How-DEE! The tags fold in half, so that they have a front and a back. Feel free to use colored paper, and don't forget to circle the fiber content on the back of the tag.

If anyone is interested in putting together a small info kit on alpacas/sheep/spinning that we can send to the teens, please let us know.

Thanks again for all of your love and care in donating hats to keep these teens' noggins warm while they are doing so much learning!

Posted by sedda at October 30, 2006 05:25 PM