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June 09, 2006

Beanie thanks from Big City Mountaineers!

I got a great letter from BCM about our first box of Rad Bad Beanies we shipped to Colorado!

...Those hats are WONDERFUL, and yes, they will definitely be of use. We were so thrilled when we opened the box and found such a colorful pile of fun! Our youth love wearing stocking caps anyway
(even when it’s 90 degrees), and I can guarantee that these will be extremely popular with them. What your organization is doing is wonderful, and I guarantee that we will be able to put these great
hats to use for as long as they continue arriving in our office.

Thank you, thank you for supporting our teens! We will be sure to send you some “hat pictures” from our trips at the end of the summer.

Erin Sovick, Volunteer Manager
Big City Mountaineers

So let's keep knitting! We need more Rad, Bad BEANIES!

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