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May 11, 2006

Teens are getting RAD

I've sent the first package of 16 beautifully handmade RAD BAD BEANIES to Big City Mountaineers for their programs educating urban teens! (An additional donated hat was a bit small, and so was sent to the Lakota tribe (Sioux nation) on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to keep a child warm there. (Rembember Wounded Knee? Same neighborhood.)

Please check out the awesome blogs of Ann and Dawn, who both contributed a LOT of hats!

More than half of BCM's 2006 trips are dedicated to getting young women into the great outdoors and provide them with mentoring and education. That's another great reason to knit up a fun hat pattern you've wanted to try!

The project continues through summer and fall! We're looking for awesome hats to keep kids warm outdoors! (And cash for postage!) Think cool, creative, jester! Snowboarder! If you have great patterns we should link to, please let me know!

Posted by sedda at 05:35 PM

Afghanalong finale!

The Afghanalong for hurricane survivors has successfully concluded its current effort! Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who contributed!

I have shipped the final box of handmade blankets to Ocean Springs, MS to hurricane survivors. This last shipment contained:

-baby blanket made from crochet squares by Millie from the Bronx and stitched together by Diana in Los Angeles
-red, white and blue blanket made from crochet squares by Millie from the Bronx and stitched together by Marie in L.A.
-red scrubbie baby blanket stitched together and prewashed with dye magnets by David in L.A.
-scrubbie baby blanket crocheted together by AJ in L.A.
-large earthtone afghan crocheted by Millie from the Bronx

All together, 36 individual crafters contribute to the project, including to a number of Edna Hart knitters who contributed beautiful blankets and hats (and photos--thanks Lyndsay!).

These generous artists have donated 43 blankets, 31 hats and 33 scarves to hurricane survivors since September, 2005. Many contributed additional yarn from their own stashes, and shipping help as well, which is greatly appreciated! Also, 15 squares were donated to Warm Up America via Michael's craft store, to help other needy people.

I also would like to thank The Knitter's Studio, Edna Hart, Black Sheep Knittery, and That Yarn Store for their generous yarn donations, publicity and general support of this project and all that we do!

Thanks as well to FedEx Kinko's in Hollywood, and especially Fernie the manager, for allowing us to ship many of the items to survivors at cost. This really made a difference for us! (Unfortunately, they have recently changed their policies on this and we can no longer take advantage of it—but it was good while it lasted.)

Another special thanks to Rachel Evans, in Ocean Springs, MS, who coordinated donation with her church there!

Posted by sedda at 05:26 PM