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April 18, 2006

Next Beanie Shipment May 2nd!

We'll be sending our next box-o-beanies to Big City Mountaineers on May 2nd! Send your Rad Bad Beanies in!!

Posted by sedda at 04:41 PM

Afghanalong wraps up May 9th

I have checked the weather map for Ocean Springs, MS, and this week they have lows in the 60s and highs in the 80s.

Not exactly optimal weather for hand-knitted items. For this reason, I am concluding the Afghanalong for the summer, at least. We may decide to revive it next fall, stay tuned.

I will send a final shipment of blankets only on May 9th. If you have any projects or squares to finish up that you would like to go to New Orleans, please bring them in or send them to the Knitzilla mailing address to arrive by May 8th.

If you have hats, scarves, socks, mittens, or whatever else that you'd like to donate, send them along and we will find a good home for them in a place where it's colder!

Thanks for all of your hard work in knit and crochet,

Posted by sedda at 04:38 PM

Rad Bad Thanks!

Special thanks to Ann Miller of Bradford, Ohio and Dawn Pietzsch of Manchester, Tenn., for their donations of five and eight hats for the Rad Bad Beanie project!

Both also made generous yarn donations so other knitters can contribute to their community! And Ann donated additional postage for shipping hats to Colorado for the teens!

And thanks to Diana of Los Angeles, who donated three crocheted hats for the project, with yarn from The Knitters Studio in Los Angeles!

Posted by sedda at 09:59 AM