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February 08, 2006

12.2lbs of Knitted Love

Another box of knitted and crocheted items is on its way to Rachel in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, to be distributed at the local church!

Many thanks to our volunteers who spent hours and hours creating warmth and love for people who need a hand. And a special thanks to Laurie S, who also donated $10 to ship these items to Mississippi, as well as a box of yarn for Fairfax High!!

This shipment includes:

one made by Erika
two made/pieced by Jennie
the flower-shaped one of scrubbies pieced and enhanced by AJ

five crocheted by Millie from the Bronx , sent with matching gloves!
three knitted and designed by Ans in L.A.
three knitted by Julie from Valley Village!

one knitted by Julie from Valley Village!
seven knitted by Laurie S!
ten knitted from wool yarn by Sedda (me) donated by Black Sheep Knittery! Thanks Black Sheep!

Thanks again to Alcuin, Fernie and FedEx Kinkos in Hollywood, who has donated an employee discount to help us ship these items for cheap!

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February 07, 2006

Heading Back to Thailand

I fly on Thursday night! Read all about it here.

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