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September 07, 2005

Katrina help on the way

I dropped off the first donation to Stitches from the Heart today. They were thrilled to get Rhonda's state blankets and some scrubbies (they LOVED the state blankets), but were fairly full on taking other donation items -- it seems they didn't intend to take donations of items beyond knitted things after all, there was a bit of a mixup.

But it all worked out fine--after a bit of research, I discovered MCC (Metropolitan Community Church) in West Hollywood is sending a semi truck to Katrina Land this weekend. They will make sure that Baby Melt's donated t-shirts for kids with gay parents will go to places where gay parents can get them (the brand new tees have great snarky sayings on them like, My Daddy Dresses Me Better Than Your Daddy, and Two Mommies are Better than One. They are totally cute!).

I also took the heaviest of our donations to MCC (soaps and shampoos that would cost a lot to mail), as well as about 10 boxes and three trash bags filled with donations from Stitches from the Heart, who needed the help (they have shipped a number of boxes already). MCC is extremely grateful for the items, thanking me many times for your generosity. Their truck is donated fully -- driver, gas and 51 foot truck -- all the way to the South. They already had collected many items for pets, including small kits of: a can of dog food, some treats, + a resealable bowl. Lots of toiletries, too. Now they are just looking for a place to send the truck!

If you still want to donate "stuff" (as opposed to cash) there are links online that suggest what's needed for survivors-- try this one for some more info. Please note some places -- like Dream Center in Echo Park -- have
stopped taking clothing, as they have enough already.

Many thanks again for your donations and hard work. And thanks to those of you who sent scrubbies, they really are going to people who need them. We will keep stitching our scrubbie blankets, and donate them through Stitches or another group headed that way.

Posted by sedda at September 7, 2005 06:31 PM