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September 29, 2005

How you can continue to help Thai tsunami survivors

Once again, I would like to thank everyone who has helped with the String Scrubbie Project. The project has sent more than $2,000 to help Thai people who survived the traumatic waves to rebuild their lives. This includes a recent donation of $50, but doesn't even include a few more out there that have been promised but not yet received.

Remaining scrubbies have been stitched into baby blankets to help survivors of hurricanes Katrina and Rita. We have sent eight to Louisiana, we have two more on hand, and at least two more are out there being stitched -- along with new squares and blankets for our afghanalong.

And most importantly, crafters have come together to send a lot of heart to families, by doing what they love to do. All of you have proven that if everyone gives even just a little -- people who need it benefit a LOT. This is what brings our communities together and builds peaceful relationships worldwide and nationwide.

Although our dishcloth project has come to a close, the Thai people still need help! They will need help throughout 2006 as well. Many villages were washed completely away. NGOs have set up schools, education, craft, housebuilding and conservation programs. If you still want to help the Thai people, please consider the following two groups, which I worked with extensively in Khao Lak and Kura Buri, Phang Nga Province, Thailand: North Andaman Tsunami Relief(NATR) and TsunamiVolunteer.net (TV).

NATR is located in Kura Buri (where I taught English), helping the most ravaged parts of Thailand rebuild after the tsunami. They have an eco-friendly and "teach a man to fish" philosophy. They are supporting school teachers, creating projects to support local economy and support women, selling handmade paper greeting cards, and building bridges, among other things. Donations are definitely tax deductible.

TsunamiVolunteer.net is located about two hours south of NATR in Khao Lak, which also was hard hit. TV focuses on providing volunteer labor for a variety of projects that they sponsor, or are sponsored by other caring fundraisers. They have built a boatyard for building and repairing boats, build homes for fishermen, teach English and create furniture for schools. I was able to participate in those projects, and TV has many more. TV is working on getting a 501(c)(3)status.

Thanks again for all of your hard work.

Namaste, and chok dee na ka,

Sedda K

North Andaman Tsunami Relief (tax deductible)
Business for the Environment Tsunami Relief Fund
3524 Dutch Way
Carmichael CA 95608

(tell Bodhi I said Hi!)

New! Now taking credit cards online!

or make a bank transfer:
Khrung Thai Bank Public Company Limited
35 Sukhumvit Rd , Bangkok 10110
Swift Code: KRTHTHBK

Routing No: 007895
Account Number: 000-0-01965-8
Account Name: Tsunami Volunteer
After making the wire transfer you should send an email to
Fundraising Coordinator (Tirian Mink) at fundraising(at)tsunamivolunteer.net
(and tell Tirian I said Hi!)

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September 17, 2005

MCC collecting donations TODAY

MCC is collecting items for the Caravan of Hope that will be departing the Los Angeles & San Diego area on Monday, Sept. 19. Donations for People will be delivered to: Houston, Baton Rouge, Hattiesburg....they will take as much as they can to fill 53' tractor trailer.

Donations for Animals will be delivered directly to the shelter in Tylertown. Emergency Animal Rescue teams have already left with two loads of supplies. We are accepting everything we can fit in a 24' trailer.

For more info on items to donate, please see their ad under Volunteers on Craig's List. (FYI--CL deletes ads after about a week.) Financial donations are also gladly accepted for gas.

Metropolitan Community Church Los Angeles
8714 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069
310-854-9110 Rev. Pat is coordinating.

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More donated blankets sent to Louisiana today!

I have shipped the second batch of knitted/crocheted baby blankets for Katrina survivors. This box of four handmade scrubbie blankets and 17 scrubbies is going to a women's shelter near Baton Rouge, which houses 80 women and babies. A volunteer in Denham Springs, Louisiana is collecting the items and will take them to the shelter next week. Their group's project is actually a scrubbie (washcloth) project to donate to evacuees, here is their yahoo site: Cloths for Baton Rouge Babies. (How cute is that ladybug scrubbie on their site!!)

This brings our total to NINE donated baby blankets, and eight of them are on their way to Katrina survivors already! Check out the photos on our website!

I would like to especially thank Aaron at the Hollywood FedEx Kinko's, and his asst. manager (whose name I missed), who donated their 75% employee discount so we could ship the blankets cheaply to Louisiana. The 6.55 lb box cost us $3.73 to ship via FedEx ground. Knitzilla doesn't have funds stashed away for these expenses, so every discount and donation we get is greatly appreciated.

Aaron mention that a friend of his from Louisiana has brought 10 displaced family members from Louisiana here to LA to help them out. I told Aaron that if they need afghans, esp. baby blankets, to let us know.

Thanks for your hard work. Please spread the word about the Afganalong! We want to help as many families as we can.

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September 16, 2005

IV Wrist Warmer project gets a good start

I dropped off another bakers' dozen IV wrist warmers to Children's Hospital today. Volunteer coordinator Dora Patino says they are greatly appreciated, and the nurses like them so far. This makes 29 warmers donated so far.

Many thanks to Karen C, YinYang Di and AJ for their hard work!

Wondering what these things look like? Patterns with photos appear here.

I'm still waiting to hear whether there are any pattern adjustments. No complaints so far, but stay tuned, as we may need to fine tune the patterns.

This is sort of a back-burner project, since our main efforts are going into an Afghanalong for Katrina. All of Knitzilla's projects support the community, so we encourage you to knit where you like, and where you have time.

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September 12, 2005

Why can't we all Afghanalong?

We are expanding our scrubbie blanket project into a true AFGHANALONG FOR KATRINA.

We are collecting 7in x 9in squares to stitch together into blankets for Katrina survivors. Check out our website for more info and where to mail squares or completed baby blankets, lap blankets or afghans.

Spread the word! Steal our button!

Please join us on Oct. 16 and Nov. 6 for two Sunday Sew-Ups, when we will be stitching the squares together. Please let your friends know -- we'll need a lot of help! The time and location will be announced later.

Thanks for your participation so far! This has been a year filled with need in our world, and your commitment is greatly appreciated!

(Interested in our Yahoo groups? Knitzilla! is a group of concerned knitters who meet monday nights in Silverlake (Los Angeles) and Knitzilla!worldwide is a mailing list for crocheters+knitters living outside of LA who are interested in our projects.)

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September 07, 2005

Katrina help on the way

I dropped off the first donation to Stitches from the Heart today. They were thrilled to get Rhonda's state blankets and some scrubbies (they LOVED the state blankets), but were fairly full on taking other donation items -- it seems they didn't intend to take donations of items beyond knitted things after all, there was a bit of a mixup.

But it all worked out fine--after a bit of research, I discovered MCC (Metropolitan Community Church) in West Hollywood is sending a semi truck to Katrina Land this weekend. They will make sure that Baby Melt's donated t-shirts for kids with gay parents will go to places where gay parents can get them (the brand new tees have great snarky sayings on them like, My Daddy Dresses Me Better Than Your Daddy, and Two Mommies are Better than One. They are totally cute!).

I also took the heaviest of our donations to MCC (soaps and shampoos that would cost a lot to mail), as well as about 10 boxes and three trash bags filled with donations from Stitches from the Heart, who needed the help (they have shipped a number of boxes already). MCC is extremely grateful for the items, thanking me many times for your generosity. Their truck is donated fully -- driver, gas and 51 foot truck -- all the way to the South. They already had collected many items for pets, including small kits of: a can of dog food, some treats, + a resealable bowl. Lots of toiletries, too. Now they are just looking for a place to send the truck!

If you still want to donate "stuff" (as opposed to cash) there are links online that suggest what's needed for survivors-- try this one for some more info. Please note some places -- like Dream Center in Echo Park -- have
stopped taking clothing, as they have enough already.

Many thanks again for your donations and hard work. And thanks to those of you who sent scrubbies, they really are going to people who need them. We will keep stitching our scrubbie blankets, and donate them through Stitches or another group headed that way.

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September 01, 2005

Scrubbie Project contributes to Hurricane Katrina survivors

The String Scrubbie project has ended just in time. We are taking remaining scrubbies and stitching them into baby blankets so that Stitches from the Heart can send them to Hurricane Katrina survivors on the Gulf Coast of the US.

While survivors really are in great need of food and water, those aren't things we can knit. But we can help babies and children who need some comfort and covering.

We encourage you to donate to Stitches from the Heart to help them with postage for knitted shipments, and to the Red Cross, who is helping hurricane survivors

American Red Cross -- Hurricane Katrina Relief
P.O. Box 37243
Washington, D.C. 20013
or call 1-800-HELP-NOW

We also will soon be officially launching the Rad Bad Beanie project, which will help kids in the hospital and urban teens in wilderness mentoring experiences. This is sliding to the back burner for a while, so we can focus on helping Katrina survivors.

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