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August 29, 2005

Sunset Junction fundraiser a mild success

The Sunset Junction street fair fundraiser was a mild success. We raised about $100, largely in part to the sale of a beautiful state baby blanket.

This week I will be sending $220 to Tsunami Volunteer. This brings our total tsunami relief effort to $1970!

I feel good about wrapping up the project, having helped in the ways we can. Remaining scrubbies will be stitched together into baby blankets for sale or donation -- likely to help survivors of this week's hurricane Katrina.

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August 26, 2005

Come see us during Sunset Junction!

Come out and see us near the Sunset Junction festival! Tomorrow's the big day! Scrubbie fundraiser! We could use your help donating and hawking scrubbies! Corner of Effie+Hyperion, a block north of Sunset. Check out our website for more info!

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Thankzilla to Knitzillas!

Many thanks to Erika, AJ and Lyndsay -- and especially Rhonda -- for knitting and assembling four beautiful cotton baby blankets made from State Scrubbie Squares. They are just as cute as can be and hopefully will raise a lot of dough for the Thai people in Khao Lak. When the photos are updated, look for them in the States photo folder on the Knitzilla site (a couple are there now).

Thanks in advance, too, to Ans, who is finishing up the sweet toddler sweater out of the lovely cotton yarn donated by Edna Hart and Needlework Attic, of Bethesda, MD. That one will be a great fundraiser, too! We'll post a photo in her folder on Knitzilla when it's ready.

All this is just in time for our sale coinciding with the Sunset Junction street festival this weekend! Come on by the corner of Hyperion+Effie if you want to help!

It's raining today in Khao Lak, but the report is that it's quiet and beautiful there, and boat construction continues. For more project updates in Thailand, please see tsunamivolunteer.net.

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August 16, 2005

Help knit a few quick samples?

Hey, would anyone like to help me make a few children's IV wrist covers as samples for Children's Hospital? They are fast and easy.

I'm planning on these being part of our next charity initiative, after the scrubbie project is finished. These wrist covers make a child's hospital stay a teeny tiny bit more comfortable, as it makes the IV less annoying.

The hospital, located on Sunset, is interested in trying some samples to see if they will work here in LA. (I got the idea from Cultured Purls which knits them from a hospital in Illinois. Thanks to Bev's Country Cottage for the link up!)

These are very easy to knit or crochet -- it's basically a small rectangle, folded in half and then stitched along the seam into a tube. But you leave a space in the middle of the seam as a thumbhole.
We'll use this for teaching knitting, too -- why rip out if it can be useful?

Anyone want to make one? I'll take it!!


Finished size roughly 3"x6" (?) I'm making a sample now.
No wool/alpaca. Many sick kids are allergic.
Nothing too fuzzy, to alleviate problems.
If you wash it before sending to fluff it up, please no scented
fabric softener.
Colorful yarn is best for kids, of course.
Cheapo washable yarn works fine, and the stretchyness is v. helpful.

Finished ones can be sent in or brought to a Knitzilla meeting.

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August 08, 2005

Scrubbies at Sunset Junction!

Come on out Aug. 27-28, 2005 -- we'll be raising donations for Thailand tsunami relief with the Scrubbie Project. We'll be on the fringe of the Sunset Junction street festival in Silverlake, with a table at the corner of Effie+Hyperion!

Make a $10 donation and take home a luxurious hand-knit spa cloth! We'll have other handmade items for sale, as well.

If you can volunteer some time to hang with us, we'd love to have you!

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New mailing address for Knitzilla

We've moved! Our new mailing address is:

4470 W. Sunset Blvd. #107-223
Los Angeles CA 90027

If you have sent something to the Fountain Ave. address and haven't received an acknowledgement from us, please let us know. We're working with the folks at the old place to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

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