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August 16, 2005

Help knit a few quick samples?

Hey, would anyone like to help me make a few children's IV wrist covers as samples for Children's Hospital? They are fast and easy.

I'm planning on these being part of our next charity initiative, after the scrubbie project is finished. These wrist covers make a child's hospital stay a teeny tiny bit more comfortable, as it makes the IV less annoying.

The hospital, located on Sunset, is interested in trying some samples to see if they will work here in LA. (I got the idea from Cultured Purls which knits them from a hospital in Illinois. Thanks to Bev's Country Cottage for the link up!)

These are very easy to knit or crochet -- it's basically a small rectangle, folded in half and then stitched along the seam into a tube. But you leave a space in the middle of the seam as a thumbhole.
We'll use this for teaching knitting, too -- why rip out if it can be useful?

Anyone want to make one? I'll take it!!


Finished size roughly 3"x6" (?) I'm making a sample now.
No wool/alpaca. Many sick kids are allergic.
Nothing too fuzzy, to alleviate problems.
If you wash it before sending to fluff it up, please no scented
fabric softener.
Colorful yarn is best for kids, of course.
Cheapo washable yarn works fine, and the stretchyness is v. helpful.

Finished ones can be sent in or brought to a Knitzilla meeting.

Posted by sedda at August 16, 2005 07:00 PM