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January 27, 2005

Hollywood Squares

It's been tough signing shops up to carry the scrubbies. Today a shop owner in Silverlake told me she couldn't carry them, because at $10 each, she couldn't make a profit, with her markup.

Uhhhhh....missing the point much?

Even after a hard sell explaining that she could write the check straight to the Red Cross or UNICEF (her choice) and take the writeoff, she looked at all of the beautiful blue, red, orange and yellow and green handmade cotton scrubbies and, as nicely as possible, finally settled on: "Well, I'm very choosy about the COLORS I carry here."

I looked at all of the oatmeal, cream, vanilla, ecru and off-white soaps and bottles in the store, smiled, and left her with a Scrubbie Project Website mini-flyer in case she changes her mind.

There are 690,000 people homeless in Sri Lanka and India, according to the BBC. More than 153,000 people have died, and more than that are missing. (The statistics vary due to conditions, but suffice it to say the world has lost the equivalent of the entire town of Tallahassee, FL, plus a few thousand more.) Many survivors are without family and are struggling for emotional support. We may not be able to raise enough money to help all of these families, but we're going to help as many as we can, one colorful string scrubbie at a time.

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January 26, 2005


Mails went out today to a handful of bloggers nominated for the BoB's, the Best of Blog Awards, to generate more interest for the Scrubbie Project. One response so far; Faery Crafty has linked to us and will send some Scrubbies!

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Still seeking knitters

More photos in our scrubbie gallery!

I've pinged several knitting groups across the country who post on Craig's List nationally, drumming up some people to donate scrubbies. It's a bit of a shot in the dark, but you never know!

It would be great if we could expand to senior knitters, but it seems like a difficult prospect without yarn to offer. Even though scrubbie yarn (100% cotton like Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton) runs only $2-4 per ball, some seniors aren't able to budget for unexpected purchases like that. Stay tuned.

Also on the TTD list: creating a PDF flyer for people to print out for those who want scrubbie info but aren't into computers. Like...seniors for example....

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January 25, 2005

Tuesday Scrubbie Update

Still spreading the word about the project. Black Sheep Knittery, 6324 Yucca (west of Vine), Hollywood 90028, is carrying some of the scrubbies! Stitches from the Heart in Santa Monica was eager to get a Knitzilla! yarn donation from a large stash we couldn't use or store (not cotton). The rest of the donation went to two dedicated Stitches knitters, one of whom spends close to $300 each year on yarn to make caps and clothes to donate for preemie babies.

I've received messages from knitters in Seattle and Washington DC who are making scrubbies to donate for the String Scrubbie Project!

On my Tour of Knit Shops today, I splurged on a pair of shortie #7 Brittany needles for knitting my scrubbies, wonderful! Then I longed for some Lantern Moon needles (and the big baskets!), but maybe on the next project.

The night topped off with a stellar 6th grade performance of Grease, starring my cousin Taylor as Jan, complete with a solo. Then off to the regular Tuesday night SnB in Santa Monica. What a fun group! Their current project is to knit+crochet an afghan wallhanging for the coffeeshop where they meet, with the shop's name knitted into it: The Talking Stick. Such a great thank-you!

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January 21, 2005

More Publicity

So out of the blue I get some email today expressing interest in the project -- and where can we send scrubbies? I checked the senders' websites and signatures and it seems that the String Scrubbie Project has made it to the East Coast! We have eager knitters (and some hand-spinners!) clicking away in New York and some more in Chicago. And this is even before sending a mail out to knitting groups who have advertised on Craig's List.

The inquiry pointed out a weakness in the official website -- an address to ship checks and scrubbies to. You probably were wondering why that was so vague. I really have a hesitation in posting my home address on the internet (there are enough strangely motivated people in LA that I see no need to encourage any others) and since it's a rental anyway there's likely a chance we could move some day. So I've priced out some mailbox options and hope to resolve the issue by next week.

More publicity today: I papered the funky Sunset Junction and Los Feliz shopping areas with KNITZILLA! info to bring more folks into our knitting group so we can recruit them for scrubbie making later. I think that totals about 1000 small fliers handed out and left in cafes since November. I spoke with the knitting instructor at the Hollywood Wilshire YMCA(slowloading page), who is going to make flyers for people there, and I recruited a postal clerk, who is a knitter, to bring her friend and come knit with us on Mondays.

I've been trying to keep the website and volunteer lists updated with new information as we go along so everything is as current as possible.

And....I sold a scrubbie to some friends of ours who are very excited to buy more as they see how the Collection shapes up.

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January 20, 2005


The word is getting out about the String Scrubbie Project. Knitzillas have been great about spreading the word to their friends. Victoria and Timothy both have been vocal among their friends and online with LA SnB, and one of my climber friends circulated information about the project among his coworkers at the acclaimed visual effects/character animation house where he works. Tonight I emailed everyone I know about the project.

I got another scrubbie in the mail today from a volunteer knitter who found out about the project through this grapevine!

I'd like to thank everyone for spreading the word about the project, and I hope I've included everyone on our Special Thanks page.

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January 19, 2005

Donated Yarn

I'm dividing up this week's donated yarn between two charity knitters who will knit it into Chemo Caps and preemie clothes for Stitches from the Heart. Since it's all acrylic and won't work for scrubbies + we don't really have a place to store it until next year, other charity knitters will enjoy the yarn. Nancy H has donated an entire boxful of yarn to our knitters, so I crammed 9 large skeins into a box to mail to her, and Marylou is a committed charity knitter who can't get around town easily. Some of the leftover skeins will be saved for teaching and for our knitters to take for themselves.

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January 18, 2005

Great turnout at KNITZILLA! this week!

We had 15 knitters and crocheters at tonight's KNITZILLA! meeting -- everyone
seemed to have a ball. Ha ha. A yarn ball.

We received three donated scrubbies, in addition to my two. One is crochet,
the other two knit. They are all gorgeous. One of the knit ones is an
anonymous donation--one of the KNITZILLAs came to her desk at work, and it
was just sitting there. Someone from her work made it and donated it to the
project. People are cool, no? This makes the total number of scrubbies
donated: EIGHT. (I've made five. I am confident these numbers will be more
proportional in the near future.) That's eighty bucks for tsunami relief!
And so much heart!

We now have volunteer knitters from Chicago, Puerto Rico, Claremont and the
LA area making scrubbies for the project.

Two new KNITZILLAs have donated *55* skeins of yarn to the group for
teaching and charity crafting. BIG ones, too! However all is acrylic and our
current project requires cotton yarn. These donations will go to a good
cause, however, as I know two knitters who make caps and clothes for preemie
babies as well as chemo caps for cancer patients. I have contacted them to
see whether they are able to take the yarn for their charity work.

One woman, Sylvia, who came to donate yarn had not planned on staying to
knit as she hadn't brought a project to work on. Instead she stayed to teach
two new knitters, and I learned a new method of casting on!

Benny, our Black Sheep Crocheter, who learned crochet to make a sweet iPOD
case, came and he is nearly finished with case #2, less fuzzy than the first
case. Both are super cool. His sweetheart, Martina, finished the winter
white scarf she started last Monday. Gorgeous!

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January 14, 2005

Harrowing tsunami tales

There are thousands of tales of horror and help from those who have experienced the tsunami and earthquake in December. One story that made it more real for me is this first person account from Emma Squire, a tourist whose family was caught up in the washing-machine-like rushing waters in Sri Lanka's Arugam Bay.

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January 08, 2005

Join the String Scrubbie Project!

Almost a week ago, we launched the String Scrubbie Project to benefit tsunami victims. As part of KNITZILLAs core value to give positively to the community of our world, we Knit to Help. In this project, we are knitting or crocheting cotton dishcloths/facecloths that we are selling online and in area stores. From each scrubbie sold, we will donate $10 to the Red Cross or UNICEF, and we ask for an additional donation of $1 per scrubbie for the purchase of yarn for the project. We hope you will participate in any way you can, and let your friends know about the project!

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Come knit with us!

Knitzilla! is a group of yarn addicts of all genders who get together Monday nights in Silverlake to chat and knit or crochet. We especially welcome new knitters to come and learn -- we'll show you the basics! We are an all-ages group that believes in investing in our community.

Check out our website at:
Come knit or crochet with us! Monday nights from 6:30pm-9ish
at The Coffee Table, 2930 Rowena Ave., LA 90039 MAP
...we often meet in the way back room...the cafe is across from Edna Hart knittery! (Busy street! *Please* cross at a stoplight!!)

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