September 23, 2006

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Resaurant

in Roker on the Road today, Al Roker profiles Melt! a Jercsey City restaurant that serves only grilled cheese sandwiches. There are so many combinations at the restaurant you could eat there every day for a year and never have the same sandwich twice.

Oh! but sadly, I just found out Melt! is closed!

There's still Thursday Grilled Cheese Night at Campanile here in Los Angeles, if you don't mind a little wait and a $14 sandwich.

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April 02, 2006

The Hilkeys WON!!!

Cecilia and Jason are one of three winners of the Kiplinger's Dream Job Contest!!! They were chosen out of 3500 entries, and 25 semifinalists!

Jason says: "We did it all for fun. We love our work and our balance with family. We would like to take it to the next level."

See their entry video about their jobs here. (small version)

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December 28, 2005


I'd always thought the word smarmy meant syrup-y sweet but it turns out it has less positive connotations, and is almost patronizing! Luckily I have my knitting group to keep me honest on these things.

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December 15, 2005

Can you hear me now?

Back to the future, a new cell phone headset.

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May 01, 2005

Related relief work

If you have an interest in similar relief work for non-tsunami areas of need in the world, please check out my friend Don's trip to Romania to deliver a much-needed echodoppler to surgeons operating on children's hearts. The echodoppler shows live photos of a beating heart.

He'll be posting daily about the trip, with great photos and stories. They are looking for donations, as well. Check out Flight for Life and Gift of Life — a 501(c)3.

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April 26, 2005

Here comes the pain again, falling on my (shoulder) like a memory....

G. got the official word today: the dislocation likely tore stuff inside his shoulder, and they need to go in and sew it back together. By "stuff," I mean: all the stuff they sewed up four years ago when he dislocated it previously on Frontal Lobotomy (5.10a) at Big Rock. This time he dislocated it with a rough landing at Mammoth, snowboarding with Don and Laura.

He's really disappointed, and I feel badly for him. He's basically out of commission on climbing, cycling, snowboarding, backpacking for a good ten months, at least. G. 's favorite activities? Climbing, cycling, snowboarding. The summer trip to Italy to visit Sierra, Yvonne and Michael is off. At least we can still snowshoe. He needs to join a gym so he can weight-train before and after the surgery, which is in the second week of June.

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April 19, 2005

Gravity is International

So G. emailed me yesterday that he took a rather rough landing while snowboarding in Mammoth on Sunday. He dislocated his previously-dislocated shoulder and got to ride in the ski patrol sled down the mountain with his arm stuck over his head.

Our friend Laura, a film sound designer by trade but actually a journalist at heart, photographed the entire rescue and hospital visit.

The last time G. 's shoulder was in trouble, stuff was torn inside and the solution required surgery and a looong break from climbing and sleeping comfortably. He hopes that this time he will heal quickly, and is checking with his doctor to make sure nothing ominous is going on.

I feel badly that I can't help him at all from here. But I am relieved that he seems to be okay (Laura and Don report he wouldn't even let them drive home from Mammoth). Just communicating with a 14-hour time change has been challenging. Thanks to Laura and Don for everything they've done!

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