June 21, 2006

Jumpers for penguins and trees

A knitter from my knitting circle alerted me to something she found on cuteoverload.com...it's old news but still a great story.

Six years ago, an oil spill in Australia killed three-fourths of the Fairy Penguin population on Phillip Island. An environmental rescue group used doll sweaters to insulate the penguins who had been de-oiled but weren't producing their own oils yet. News spread on the internet, and pretty soon the penguins were getting handmade jumpers from London to the Latter Day Saints.

Well the project "went viral" via sites like this one and the group collected 15,000 penguin sweaters. The Tasmanian Conservation Trust doesn't need any more jumpers for its birds, but it does need help protecting them from getting squashed by cars.

The same knitter pointed me to an original tree-hugger sweater, with a link to a pattern, even!

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May 17, 2006

Only two days left to bid!

My knitting group's auction of a gorgeous handknit child's sweater ends in just two days! We're raising money for Tsunami Volunteer in Khao Lak, Thailand, where I volunteered for a few months earlier this year and in 2005.

Check out the auction!

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May 11, 2006

Knit On

I've been trying to wrap up some projects with my knitting (and crochet!) group, Knitzilla!, before all the teaching madness begins.

Here's the good news:
Our Afghanalong for hurricane survivors brought together 36 knitters across the country to make 43 blankets, 31 hats and 33 scarves to send to the Gulf Coast! I wrapped the project up, since it's about 80 degrees there now.

We also sent 16 Rad Bad Beanies to Colorado, to support urban teens on wilderness outings. My goal was to collect 250 hats this spring. Oops. We spent time sending blankets to Katrinaland instead. Luckily the outings are in groups of 5, so what we do send can be split up in a fair way. We're continuing this project for a while, if you'd like to help out. (We'll also take donations for postage and packing tape.)

And, we're raffling a handknit girl's sweater on eBay until May 19th! All proceeds help Tsunami Volunteer!

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January 24, 2006

The Bathtub Mitten State

So I'm seaming an unfinished bathtub scrubbie mitten that someone donated to our knitting group. I put it on my hand and wave my fingers and say to G. , "Look, I just finished this, someone donated it. Cool, isn't it?"

He says, "It's a knitted Michigan!"

And I laugh and laugh. I didn't even think of that.

He says, "What? It's blue like the Lakes."

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November 18, 2005

Knitzilla 2005 — a year of community support

For those of you who weren't able to make it to Monday's Knitzilla Birthday Party, here is a summary of what's been going on in Knitzilla this year!

I started Knitzilla! to create an environment where creative people could come together and exchange ideas, and be supported (in the guise of knitting+crochet). I enjoy diversity in thought and spirit,
which is why it's important that the group is 'all ages, all genders.' It's important to support kids in a healthy way that builds relationships between generations.

It was important to me that the group have a community component for giving back. Life is so much more rewarding when you can participate in the community around you, and support it, and nurture it. That's how the community grows. People are so busy these days that's easy to forget, and that's why our charity projects so far have been small items that multiply. The idea is, if everyone gives back just a little—one scrubbie, one square, one donation of yarn or needles—the effect is still huge. It's huge to the person who receives the gift.

But it's also important to take time to create for yourself, and renew your own nurturing spirit. And that's what makes our Monday knit nights in Silverlake so fun.

Thanks for joining our group, and sharing your giving spirit! We hope to see you — and your friends — out on Monday nights!

Check out our numbers on this years' community projects!

•Knitzilla!s first meeting on Nov. 15, 2004: 3 members (two friends from my old job, and one's daughter)
•Knitzilla!s current membership: 161 members, including more than 40 national members

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November 14, 2005

Knitzilla's first birthday

The Knitzilla! birthday party was a smashing success. About 31 people came, there was live music by Garner Knudson of Piper Downs, and a hellafine raffle, if I do say so myself.

The knitters were all outraged that I didn't "get" anything in the raffle. I tried to explain that ethically, you can't set up a whole fabulous prize scheme, then benefit from it. It's just not right.

Well, I did take a free tape measure from Unwind that Krista arranged, and a set of clippers donated by Baumgarten's, both arranged to thank charity knitters... but the total value was about $5 for the two items, and I think I've done enough charity knitting this year to cover that.

Anyway, lest I be horrifyingly shortchanged, an impromptu dramatic presentation of a check was made so I could buy my own Jordana Paige knitter's messenger bag, which is fabulous.

It was very sweet, and very touching.

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