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May 11, 2006

Knit On

I've been trying to wrap up some projects with my knitting (and crochet!) group, Knitzilla!, before all the teaching madness begins.

Here's the good news:
Our Afghanalong for hurricane survivors brought together 36 knitters across the country to make 43 blankets, 31 hats and 33 scarves to send to the Gulf Coast! I wrapped the project up, since it's about 80 degrees there now.

We also sent 16 Rad Bad Beanies to Colorado, to support urban teens on wilderness outings. My goal was to collect 250 hats this spring. Oops. We spent time sending blankets to Katrinaland instead. Luckily the outings are in groups of 5, so what we do send can be split up in a fair way. We're continuing this project for a while, if you'd like to help out. (We'll also take donations for postage and packing tape.)

And, we're raffling a handknit girl's sweater on eBay until May 19th! All proceeds help Tsunami Volunteer!

Posted by sedda at May 11, 2006 10:12 PM