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April 01, 2006

Still more things you learn by traveling

—In Peru, all the black rubber welcome mats to the shops and restaurants say, "Wilkomen."

—Llamas have long snouts and Alpacas have short snouts.

—In Peru, "jelly" is Jell-O but "marmelade" is jelly.

—No matter where you go in the world, postcards are three or five for a dollar.

—Cream cheese in South America is just called "Philadelphia." As in: "A bagel with salmon and Philadelphia."

—Soda bottled at low altitude, then purchased and opened at high altitude, will indeed spray all over the place as you open it. Every time.

—There are thatch roofs all over the world. Most of them are topped with old tires.

—In Peru, most people live with their parents until they are married. So the parks are filled with couples lounging and gazing at each other, because the only place they can get any privacy is in public.

—They eat guinea pigs in Peru.

—If you send rain-soaked trousers to the hotel laundry service that charges "per kilo" they will weigh your 5-lb. trousers while wet and charge accordingly.

—Some tasty treats are hard to find, but even in the smallest towns, you can always find a Coke. And often a Twix bar.

Posted by sedda at April 1, 2006 08:56 AM