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March 01, 2006


Finished up some things on my list today before the big flight home tomorrow. I can't even believe this day has come so quickly.

I had breakfast with the boatyard crew then hopped on a bus to Takuapa, the 'big' town 30 mins north of here. I mailed a couple of packages (one of the two post offices nearest here is in a Khuek Khak living room, and packages that go through this post office don't always seem to make it to their destination)...then kicked around. I chatted with some Thai men when I bought water from them, and showed them photos of the boatyard on my camera and shared my chips (crisps) with them.

Which proves how irrisistible chips are. Once the bag is open, everybody wants some, whether you're speaking the same language or not.

Then I had the bus drop me off in Bang Niang for one last look at the craft shop and a tour of the beach where I did beach cleanup last year.

I hardly recognized it. Grass has filled in a lot of the lots that were rubble-strewn gravel fields. The resort where the King's nephew died is nearly rebuilt. The damaged buildings where we held the 100 Days' ceremony are rebuilt and filling up with tenants.

The trash on the beach is for the most part, ordinary trash. Water bottles, flip flops, beer bottles. Some occasional tsunami things washing in, and I'll be they'll see more after a squall when the ocean waves get big and pull things off the bottom.

German women were walking around topless, people were swimming, a kid with a mask and snorkel ran for the water and plopped in to see what's on the bottom.

Buildings are being rebuilt, and the focus is on progress and growth. Khao Lak's tourist industry is healing.

Posted by sedda at March 1, 2006 02:58 PM