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March 21, 2006

Bug vs. the Microbugs

So, you know when that Little Voice Inside Your Head tells you something, and you talk yourself out of it?

Well, in order to be brave and adventurous, I´d had a vegy soup in a Very Local place in Cusco yesterday. What can go wrong with cooked vegetables? Even if they weren´t that hot...and the main flavor was fennel or anis, neither of which I like...

After a rumbly tummy at dinner that got Much Worse, I swapped bravery for common sense and started the Cipro regimen at about 3am.

Greg saw some sort of cool church today and took some nice photos. I napped, and prayed the stomach cramps would subside by the time we hit the trail tomorrow morning....

...Or tonight. The travel agent left a message saying they want to pick us up at 9pm instead of 6:30am tomorrow. Something about a porter strike that may cause roads to get blocked. I don´t really buy it, but there´s not much choice since we want to go on the trek, and the trek is going at 9pm. Even though our hotel tonight is paid for already.

It´s apparently not a surprise in South American travel, this sort of thing.

Posted by sedda at March 21, 2006 07:38 PM