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March 30, 2006

...and more bugs

Well drat that lovely family dinner, it hit me worse than it hit Margaret about midnight. I´ll spare you all of the Very Ugly details, but to get up in the middle of the night in this house requires: shoes and clothes on, headlamp, bring your own toilet paper down cement stairs, past the kids´toys, around the adobe corner past the rubber-tire-watering bucket for the animals that blocks the sidewalk, past the pen full of seven sheep with eyes gleaming in the dark, past the giant rooster, past the pen where the donkey stays, over the low part of the fence into the muddy field, down between the rows of growing coca leaves trying not to stomp on any, and into the galvanized tin outhouse with the pit toilet.

Yes, it´s a cement floor with a hole, and helpfully: two raised cement footprints to stand on to help with your aim. The door does not securely close, but it is vented and does not smell bad.

At least it wasn´t raining.

New phrase learned: estomach flojo (say flo-hoe) means "lazy stomach" and is a reasonable excuse for not being interested in eating anything. I skipped the family breakfast and had Immodium instead. It´s not what you´re supposed to do, but we had two multi-hour boat trips scheduled, and I´d already noted that the head in Ifrain´s tour boat was being used for cushion storage. It was the kind of emergency situation for which Immodium was invented.

We traveled on to Taquile, which conveniently for me was a steep vertical stair hike from dock to town center. It took me at least an hour, and it was not a fun hike.

But the Immodium held. When we got back to Puno I found a pharmacy around the corner for more Cipro. It took about 10 seconds and cost only 5 soles for the course ($1.75, cheaper than Thailand!). Also interesting is that the pharmacy sells Powerade and Gatorade as well. I guess around here, it´s actually medicine.

I brought some of that home as well. I didn´t chance anything today and only had some fresh bread and water. Greg has been either unaffected or less affected, even when we eat the same things, after the Dietary Boot Camp he went through for two years in Cameroon. Apparently he spent time on and off like this for the better part of his stay there, and has built up quite a set of antibodies.

Oh, and Taquile was beautiful, and so was the boatride home. Taquile is known for weaving and of course knitting, so we found some souvenirs to bring home, all handmade. We´re even meeting some new French friends for a drink tonight. Well, I´ll probably have water. From a bottle!

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