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February 19, 2006

Video Experiment

I tried making some videos today out the bus window with my new digital camera. Then finding a way for you to see them. Basically fruitless, even with DSL.

After much wrangling, I got one of the short ones uploaded, of the view of the north side of Khao Lak, including the Happy Snapper, Jai's bungalows and Khao Lak Seafood (pink bougainvillea). Which took about 40 minutes. So please, please try to enjoy a dollar and a half's worth of mushy video, as that's what it cost me to post at the internet cafe (it's about the price of lunch here).

Apologies for the crummy compression, and the bumpy ride (it was an old, non-air-con bus that truly had seen better days). Maybe if you squint it will look better?

Sorry to say I likely won't be posting many more of these until I get back, as I don't have a machine and a line I can just "park" while uploading.

Posted by sedda at February 19, 2006 11:19 PM