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February 28, 2006

Sticking to it

So today started with another increased deadline ("take your time on that logo" turned into "the fisherman says he's hungry so we need to finish it up ASAP"), which meant we were sort of double-timing some of the processes. This means that Chris, Nicole and the fisherman were inside the boat oiling it while newcomer Noriko and I painted the logo on the outside.

Which was a bit like trying to paint a fine line while riding in the back of a truck on a gravel road. Not the simplest task, but the oiling was finished quickly—shortly after Chris began oiling the headpiece at the bow of the boat over my head, throwing linseed oil all over me in huge drops, splattered by the wind.

The rest of the day was hopelessly sticky.

Not a big deal, most days are like that. You tend to collect the stickiness in layers, choosing the least sticky parts to, say, scratch your eye or eat an ice cream or have fruit from the fruit lady. I finally had to tie my hair back with a bandanna, as it was sticky too, and sticking to my face, then trying to brush it away it would stick to my fingers.

Linseed oil, and oil paint, in 90+degree heat is just....sticky. The paint gets a skin on it, and we have to peel it away to find the good paint inside. This happens in under an hour sometimes.

But Noriko and I each finished a logo for the city of Georgetown, South Carolina, and they turned out pretty nicely. I mixed some of the colors, and used some seventh grade math skills plus manual photo enlargement skills to enlarge the image from the sample. A proportion wheel would have speeded things up, but the calculator on my phone worked fine.

In the meantime, Paul from Ireland has been targeted by Chris from Liverpool in a practical joke contest....Paul found his shoes filled with sand. Somehow when the cursing happens with an accent ("Bloody Hell! Fock!") it's more hilarious. He's going to be thrilled when he goes for his next swim and figures out his swimtrunk legs have been stapled closed....

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