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February 16, 2006

Spa moments

Yesterday morning in the boatyard was fun, I did another morning of caulking boats, while ignoring an enormous blister in a completely inconvenient place for further hammering. Nothing a couple of layers of duct tape couldn't improve.

I had a pretty rough night the night before. We lost power for a while (later I found out lightning hit a transformer in Bang Niang, up the way, I'd bet that was the cause), and somehow that sudden drop caused the fan in my room to come to a slow, grinding, whining halt, and it never was right afterward.

After two hours of squeaking, I finally came to the conclusion those were NOT birds after the storm outside, it was my (now totally obnoxious) fan.


The only lubricant I could find was Dr. Bronner's (totally unsuccessful), and turning it off entirely was out of the question. After an hour of brainstorming, false attempts, futile attempts at ignoring it, and then finally packing my suitcase so I could find another room in the morning...I suddenly remembered that I had packed earplugs for just such an emergency. Ahhhhh.....

I did try to find another place and still try try tried to get into Jai's bungalows, which are so cute, but ultimately I decided I was letting Perfect be an enemy of Good. In very broken pointing-to-phrasebook Thai, the handyman and I determined that a little oil may fix it right up.

And it did. For about four minutes.

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On the second go-around, I got a new fan, which made sleeping a joy again, until I was attacked by a rogue gang of mosquitoes. Not sure how they got in.

After all of the accommodation-hunting, I lost contact with the boatyard crew in a typical Thai-time situation (often times, "meet at 3:30" can mean, "well, I came by for one minute at 4:15, I can't believe I missed you!" so hooked up with Moira and Cecilia for a short but extremely sweaty hike down to a rocky beach. We walked back to their swank hotel and swam in the pool and had a lovely "rainstorm" shower. Then we came into town for dinner, ran into some old and new friends at Pia Foot Massage and Bar (Seriously. You can get a Singha or a foot rub. Or both.), then called it a relatively early night.

Today I spent in the boatyard again, painting a logo on the bow of a longtail boat. Pretty fun. I'm off to meet Jonathan and Saundra for dinner. We're trying to stir up some fun for the weekend. It's looking like Beach or Elephant Trek. Stay tuned.

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