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February 13, 2006

Old Home Week

So, walking home from Fisherman's bar last night, where I had a Chang beer with Saundra, I ran into Andy at Scuba Groupies, a new scuba bar. Andy is a British volunteer who was here last year at the very beginning. You might remember that he had made friends with the Takua Pa chief of police (when everyone was focusing on body recovery), which had earned him, and me, an invitation to sit up front for the 100 Days Memorial ceremony.

It's lucky I ran into him, as he's only in town until the end of the week, before some business in Turkey then a great launch with other volunteers to help out in Pakistan after the awful earthquake there. And, although I missed my friend Franz (by one week!) from painting houses last year, Albert is in town and so is a cool guy named Jan-Eric, who is here for one day with his wife on a visit. They're all from the Thep Tawaan project, and we're going to meet tomorrow for dinner.

Posted by sedda at February 13, 2006 08:05 AM