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February 24, 2006

NATANDY is in the water!

Worked on another Ireland logo over the past few days, but the real fun was in delivering the NatAndy boat in Baan Nam Khem, just up the street from where the devil fisherman's boat landed during the tsunami.

(Two large fishing vessels came inland in Nam Khem during the wave...the large blue one is known as the angel boat as it didn't destroy any houses, and a fisherman and his son were saved by grabbing onto tires hanging off the side of the boat. It stopped just short of a house. The large orange boat is the devil boat, because it mowed some people down as it thrashed its way through houses on its way into town. In Nam Khem the wave was 4-5 meters high in places, and more than half of its 5000 citizens were lost.)

It was tricky for Scott to navigate the trailer backwards down a couple of narrow town blocks then at an angle down a rather sketchy ramp onto the sand. (It was low tide—last time they delivered here the water was up to the ramp and it wasn't a problem.) But he didn't have any problem with it. With a "Neum...song...sang..." the crew gave it a heave-ho and it went in just fine. The fisherman was so greatful he took us all to the corner market to buy us each a beer.

We all kept an eye on Lucky, as at the last boat pickup in Nam Khem we managed to leave without him, and had to circle around the block with like a 25-foot boat trailing behind, to come look for him. The fishermen thought that was hilarious.

Please click the link below for more.

We happened to drive by three German women who were interested in what was going on, and then came back to the boathouse to check it out. Two of them had survived the wave. One woman lost the entire group she was with. When the wave came, they all started running, and many of them ran into a building. This woman just kept going and going, holding her camera high above her head so it wouldn't get wet. She survived, and is still shooting with the same camera. This is the first time she's been back, and it was quite an emotional time for her.

This weekend I'll be heading down to Krabi (say it kr-BEEE, and roll the R a bit) to see a cool Wat, and hang out. Should be fun, and beautiful. A new friend who used to live there gave me the lowdown on the best place to stay, the best spots to eat, the great massage lady and where to get my hair cut. I'm looking forward to it.

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