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February 14, 2006

Happy Loever's Day

Happy Loever's Day — This is the greeting on the sign of the "best" restaurant in town, which is offering a 15% discount today. The O on the sign was a heart.

Moira and her mom came out to the boatyard and ended up spending the day. Her mom is a rock star—she came out to teach a 10-day English workshop to Chinese students in Beijing with Moira last week, then afterward they came here together for a short vaca.

She seems thrilled with her trip so far...first thing that happened when they got there was that we made delivery on a boat to a Thai family...in the morning the team had gotten the boat (2 tons, 11.5 meters long) up on the trailer, then we all piled in and rode the boat — in the trailer — to the delivery spot. it took all the volunteers, and the whole Thai family and a few guys from the neighborhood to get it into the man's yard (he's going to "pimp hs ride" before it goes into the water, building a small hut so he doesn't fry in the sun and whatnot). Moira's mom was thrilled to participate. "We're a long way from Chicago," she said, as the palm trees whizzed by, and her hair whipped around in the light rain as we hurtled down Highway 4 balanced on the ribs and the gunwhales of the longtail boat.

They stayed on and we caulked boats all afternoon, with a chisel and a 2lb hammer. It was bloody hot. And I'd been doing it all morning, so I have a great blister, right where I need NOT to have a blister if I'm going to do more of this tomorrow.

We're meeting Saundra for Valentine's dinner on/near the beach. (G. isn't totally missing out on Valentine's Day, however, I left him a Valentine to open.) I handed out schoolkid Valentines to the whole crew, and Nid brought in sweet sticky rice (wrapped in banana leaf) as a treat this morning. And we saw a rainbow on the ride home!

Posted by sedda at February 14, 2006 06:52 PM