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February 25, 2006

Haircut in Asia? Asian hairstyle!

My new friend Wendy had given me plenty of tips on Krabi before I came down, recommending a hair stylist that charges her under $10 for a wash/cut/dry.

Well, that's worth a shot.

I stumbled on a great afternoon/night market near the salon, and enjoyed fresh hot corn-on-the-cob (10bht) and a delish banana shake (10bht). I smelled wonderful and wretched smells, saw new and amazing vegetables. Then I went in for my salon appointment.

"ONLY let Porn cut your hair," Wendy had warned. (And we'd both lived here long enough that we didn't need to acknowledge that Porn is a common Thai nickname that doesn't mean anything like what it means in English. It's just a name.) "DO NOT let the other girls cut your hair."

So I laid back in this chair thing as my hair was washed then conditioned once, twice, THREE times...and enjoyed the rare bit of air conditioning after that sweltering hike up 1237 steps at the wat earlier.

Porn was really pretty, with a good haircut, very straight and stylish. And Asian. Her hair was straight in a way that you can only see on women with long, fine, black hair...or see on Marcia Brady in a rerun.

I asked mainly for a trim (because if it doesn't work out I can just wear a pony tail for 6 weeks until I can get it cut again). Porn tried to sell me on a straight perm—which I kindly declined, especially after Wendy's story of getting a "magic straight" in Vietnam and losing half of her very fine hair in the harsh chemicals. (But, she admitted, what was left was Very Straight.)

Porn made my hair long, straight, flat, pin straight, and ironed straight. Did I say it was straight? My cousin Alley would KILL for this hair. And the best part? I had the SAME hair as all the Thai girls in the salon!

Only I'm a little bit taller.

Now all I need is a little toy to dangle off my cell phone and maybe I'll start looking like I fit right in—and the Thais can stop charging me tourist prices for everything!

Posted by sedda at February 25, 2006 09:59 PM