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February 22, 2006

Go go logos....

Well, I finally finished the NATANDY logos on the next boat. They commemorate a couple who were lost in the tsunami. Scott hands us printouts from the computer and we have to eyeball them and copy them onto the boat in a proportion suitable to that size boat. It's an interesting process, you kind of have to just go for it.

I think it's great that their families are remembering them by donating a boat that can support 1-4 families. But I think it's bad juju to sport the names of dead people that the sea came to swallow up on a boat.

Thai people are extremely superstitious, but they don't seem to mind this. I suspect that eventually they paint right over the logos (I would). I just hope this one sticks around for a month or so before it gets painted over, because it took a really long time!

And unbelievably, Terry is gone again! He only was in town for a few days, then off to Bankok and back to Australia until October. What a rip! I hardly got to see him!

Posted by sedda at February 22, 2006 06:24 PM