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February 17, 2006

Bees, Waterwise

Everything changes again. I met up with Jonathan, formerly from Crisis Corps, last night and we caught up over a Singha and some Thai food at The Place Next to Khao Lak Seafood (which now actually has a sign — Weerapat's — but I'm not sure if I'll remember that).

I was glad he was around when Moira and Cecilia came by to say their goodbyes, because I wasn't about to cry in front of other people. They left this morning and I'm so bummed to be here without them. It was so awesome to see Moira again and hear about her "Moiriental" adventures teaching in Beijing. Her mom has a great spirit as well. I told her it was cool of her to come all this way, not only to teach the 10-day English workshop with Moira in China, but to come on to Thailand and meet the homies.

She said, "Well...how could I not?"

It's true. But sometimes that's not so obvious until you get here.

So today's excitement at the boatyard was a swarm of bees, discovered in the tool shed/office area. I think they must have been from the hive previously discovered in the woodpile. The bees were literally flying around in a swarm, looking for a new place to be. It was quite annoying. All the volunteers would randomly break into this spastic dance as bees buzzed their heads, for most of the afternoon. People set up some fires to smoke them out and that helped...but who knows where they'll have landed tomorrow.

Late in the day it was discovered that someone had helpfully refilled the pristine drinking water tower...with rainwater from the cement cistern...via the bilge pump we use to empty oily rainwater out of the boats....

Oops. Luckily no one had had much of it to drink, and so after the lecturing, the tower was emptied and rinsed before the water man came at the end of the day.

The water man has this totally pimped-out water delivery truck. It's brand-spanking clean, has pink and purple running lights, oxidized lug nuts in a rainbow of colors, a custom painted airfoil, and a 5,000-watt stereo system with a subwoofer.

On the dash is a metallic happy cat, complete with a waving arm. The water man was quite pleased that we all admired his fine ride. Personally I'm surprised the whole truck didn't kneel or something. But maybe with the weight of the water, that's out of the question.

At the end of the day, I met a Thai woman named Noy and a Thai guy named Bidpat (or something). They were interested in the boatyard. It turns out Noy owns a shop in Phuket and got caught in the tsunami. The water crashed into her front windows and filled the shop to the ceiling. She was trapped. Then suddenly all the water rushed out and she was able to get to get out alive. "It's all right," she said. "No one was hurt."

They may be back to volunteer at the boatyard. Bidpat helped me paint some letters on the bow of the boat I was working on, and they both seemed excited about the painting.

We set another boat free today. It was the one that I painted the logo on yesterday. We put it straight into the water from the beach, with its brand new engine, and the fisherman was so excited. I was really happy for him.

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