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December 05, 2005

Live Purposefully

Jamie Foxx talked to Oprah today about work and the success that follows if you just follow your heart first.

"...It's such a capitalistic society right now. And money, we have this thing about money. Especially folks who really want it, and they want it for all the wrong reasons.

You (Oprah) do what you do because you have a feeling. You have something, an onboard computer that's letting you know that you're going to walk in this direction and the by product is going to be everything else: It's going to be money, it's going to be people, it's going to be television...I walk the same way. I walk and let the by product—I don't chase money. I chase inspiration, or you chase—to make history."

Posted by sedda at December 5, 2005 04:58 PM