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June 27, 2005

Thailand blog

I just discovered an amazing blog by fellow volunteer Vic Glover. He has great insights on what it's like in Thailand, and why volunteering is important. I read the whole thing, it was awesome. It's called BroVicsCrossroads at blogspot. Note to teachers: rated PG (for language).

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June 26, 2005

More post-tsunami updates

From today's NYT: After the Tsunami, Rebuilding Homes and Social Fabric by Seth Mydans from Indonesia. (If you need a logon, try going to Bug Me Not.)

And from the AP: Ghost Fears Keep Visitors From Thailand, which talks about people worried that ghosts are hanging in the bungalows, Tsunami Survivors Deal with New Illness, which is about Tsunami syndrome, an illness found in people who breathed sandy saltwater during the waves.

Also from the AP: (Sri Lankan) Survivors Mourn 178,000 Killed in Tsunami

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NPR updates Khao Lak and Phuket (and Sri Lanka)

NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday updated the situation in Khao Lak area and Phuket this morning. They interviewed a woman helping the Bang Muang school, a 600-student school where 45-50 kids lost one or two parents and watched their homes get destroyed. The woman's husband was a police officer protecting the king's grandson, who was killed in the tsunami nearby while jet skiing.

Apparently there are still some people missing, and they have been searching hotel basements to make sure they have discovered all of the bodies. Other than that, a lot of groups are transitioning from emergency relief to long term care, much as TsunamiVolunteer was when I returned from Khao Lak. Some of the care includes teaching English so that the Thais are qualified for jobs catering to tourists, selling crafts in the craft shop, continuing to build furniture for area schools, and offering counseling for survivors. (Tsunami Volunteer currently does not offer counseling services, but other aid agencies do.) All of these tasks require money, so if you would like to help, please click here and let them know that you heard about them through me. You may earmark your donation toward any of their projects.

Phuket is ready for more tourists, and is trying to get the word out. Quiet beaches, discounted airfares... personally I recommend Thailand and its lovely hospitality for a grand vacation. And, there's great climbing in Krabi!

The report from Sri Lanka today was not as rosy. They are just now building sturdier temporary structures to replace the tents where people have been living. The devastation has been much more extensive, and it sounded like they are just now doing things that Thailand was able to do months ago.

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June 01, 2005

Survivors in Sri Lanka

Shanti is reporting on the women who survived the tsunami from Sri Lanka for the Canadian Homemakers magazine. She reports "there are over 400,000 people displaced there and living in refugee camps that range from livable to totally sad and terrifying."

Shanti has photos on Flickr and Ofoto (now Kodak's gallery). Click here for the Flickr slideshow, which is an update from her original post. To view individual photos, some with captions, click here.

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