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May 01, 2005


I'm still working on sorting through 40 rolls of film. I had them all burned to CD, mostly in Thailand, and got lucky — though it was a rocky road, only three rolls on the same disc are completely broken and need to be rescanned. So that will be an extra $30 in expenses, but since they happen to be the rolls of donating all the stuffed animals to the kids in Kamala, I really have to get cracking on it.

Teachers from Fairfax and Brea high schools (my pals Susan and Jack) have asked me to give presentations, so I have a serious editing task ahead of me. The current edit is wandering and creates about a 4-hour show. But my friends and family indulged me last night, staying late and seeing about half the images. I hope to get it squared away this week.

Posted by sedda at May 1, 2005 08:03 AM