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April 17, 2005

Slow day off

We set out with grand plans. I wanted to see Wat Phra Thong, where the Buddha is half-buried, Moira wanted a good internet connection, and Scott wanted to check out sailboats in Phuket. (He has a truck.)

We drove around Phuket all day, and didn't do anything we set out to do, but it still was a nice day off. We hit the used book store (I picked up All the Pretty Horses and some Steinbeck short stories, as well as Bill Bryson's A Walk in the Woods for another volunteer, Jess), got some lunch, looked for sheet music for Scott, got a reading lamp and better Thai dictionary for Moira, and got donuts at Mister Donut (they also have KFC, Sizzler, and Auntie Anne's pretzels in the mall, among other familiar places...who knew that we'd see a floor-to-ceiling sized poster of Paris Hilton here in a Guess store). I also found a cute little tie-dyed outfit for G. 's oldest niece that I hope her parents don't think is too...island-y.

No time for the Wat, Scott's sailboats, Moira's DSL, or buying the small Buddhas that I wanted to look for. I'm beginning to think I'm not destined for this wat, as it's the second time I've tried to get there without success.

We came back just in time for a thunderstorm, which puts into question the squid cookout that got rescheduled for tonight after last night's thunderstorm.

We also spent just a few minutes with Jess in Bungalow 5, a volunteer who cracked a vertibrae after her balcony railing broke and she fell. It wasn't far, but she landed poorly. She's on bedrest for three more weeks and is pretty bored. I brought her the Nick Hornby book yesterday during a visit and she's finished it already. Moira brought her donuts, one was a lolly-donut and another was shaped like a bunny. She LOVED those. Jess is thinking about a fellowship in Irvine, so we may end up being neighbors in CA next year, after being neighbors here.

And Jess' roommate Britni? Graduated from Cranbrook High, which is about five miles from where I grew up. And I had to go halfway around the world to meet her. Funny, hey?

Posted by sedda at April 17, 2005 05:34 PM