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April 13, 2005

Second day in Kura Buri

Well, the day got a little better. We played some games with the kids, who knew their numbers pretty well up to about 11 or 12, and it fell off from there. Shapes of square/triangle/circle really slowed them down — the "skw" "LLL" sounds aren't really part of Thai vocabulary and they were having trouble making it stick.

We spent some time under a large tree with men building model boats that sell by order in BKK. They are mostly longtail boats. I made a drawing of the boat with its parts listed in English: keel, bow, stern, gunnel, and we're supposed to spend more time with them so they can learn the English words. Nanon wants them to be able to "present" the boats and the process for making them if a tourist comes by. Tall order! Lisa worked on "I cut the wood with a saw" and "I am sanding the wood."

Lisa also has been wanting to learn Thai cooking, so she volunteered to help with dinner last night. The person who offered brought out a giant pig's head! It was too firm to cut with a knife so they used an axe. She was freaking, she said the whole thing was fat. They took big pieces and put it between two metal grates that you hold in your hand and they roasted it over a pot with wood coals. "Barbeque."

Check out the one cool Thai phrase I already knew that came in handy:
"Kon gin jair." Which means: I am vegetarian.

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***We did get some meals yesterday. Actually I missed lunch, since I ate in town. And I thought dinner was the pig head, but after class they took us to a community center where kids and five young, tattooed monks gathered around a nightly TV soap that seems to involve a nice woman with short hair in love who also has superpowers and a spandex supergirl suit, an evil woman with long hair and a drug problem and an Evil Headquarters with a number of TV screens for communicating, and a man who is friends with both of them. All the kids watch it.

Since I am vegetarian on this leg of the trip, they gave me an onion soup. With fish balls. Don't ask. It was pretty good, but I didn't eat many fish balls (sort of like matzoh balls, but a bit fishy flavored). There was a giant plain omelette to share, maybe 2-3 eggs' worth. Lisa was given some clams. All comes with rice, water, and as a treat we had grapefruit soda.

The adult class was a little smaller, 22, and only about 5-6 kids running around, which made it easier. We went through a review of Hello, How are you, the days of the week, the months of the year, then when everyone was pretty fried, Nanon asked us to start on numbers: 1-20, 30/40/50 etc, 100, 1000. I think it was a little much. Especially since he wants us to move on to menu items tonight. We're not sure which is better/worse....covering a lot and a little of it sticks, or covering a little and most of it sticks.

He has been in every class which has been helpful with explanations.

The NATR guys told me that most of the people in this camp are from the island of Koh Prataong (literally: Golden Buddha island), from two different villages. Bak Jok was totally destroyed, and 25% of their community were killed in the wave. That's 50 people out of 200. Not all of their members are here, some are in another camp on the Kura Buri pier. Then the rest are from Tapa Yoi, also on the island. It's close living in the camp. This one is small, but everything is very close together.

NATR is involved in rebuilding entire villages along here. There is a lot of work to be done.

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