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April 19, 2005

Related Reading

Check out April's National Geographic magazine for a story on local Sea Gypsies, the Mokens. I *think* but am not positive, that this may be the same group as the Morgan sea gypsies, some of which received some new homes last week in Thap Tawan.

Anyway, the Geographic story is all in this neighborhood, and the pictures are gorgeous. You'll have to check out the magazine for the whole thing, because they only have excerpts online, as well as this cool flash photo gallery (use a DSL connection, it's pretty heavy) and regular photos.

And, the international issue of Newsweek this week (the one with the Pope memorial) has some interesting articles on Travelling to Do Good — people who spend their vacations volunteering. Not all that in-depth, in typical newsmag style, but hits the topic squarely. I can't find the stories on thier website. But Hands On Thailand is mentioned, the group I nearly volunteered with.

Posted by sedda at April 19, 2005 11:47 AM