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April 22, 2005

Paint and progress in Khao Lak

I enjoyed my week painting furniture for the schools. We made a lot of lovely bookshelves. My friend Heather from Ireland (but living in Scotland) and I painted one red shelf with yellow and white flowers all over. She thought she wasn't that artistic, but her flowers were beautiful! We had so much fun I've invited her to stay with us when her round-the-world plane ticket takes her through LA for a few days. She leaves Khao Lak this afternoon for BKK and further adventure.

I took some new volunteers on a brief tour of Khao Lak so they could see some of the damage and realize where help is needed. (Something like 150 Taiwanese volunteers, who had donated a large some of money, were in town to volunteer for one day, and we sort of got booted from our worksite.) They both were surprised that there was anything left to do, figuring it all would be cleaned up and fixed by now.

Seeing all of the debris they realized — how could that happen in such a short amount of time? The detail in such an effort is tremendous.

Posted by sedda at April 22, 2005 06:25 PM