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April 20, 2005

Mellow Week

Taking it easy this week with some furniture painting in Thaikea, and helping Moira and Scott get some things organized with the Pakarang Boatyard project. I painted perky yellow flowers with green stems on a Swedish-orange bookshelf, it's really cute.

I've also been spending some time with Jess, to help the hours pass by a little more quickly. She is still on the mend in her bungalow with a cracked vertibrae, and is taking in books like they are M&Ms. She devours them.

Saundra and Kerry from the Crisis Corps came by today for lunch, which was really really nice. I guess Jonathan had a meeting with Nanon and couldn't make it down.

It's my friend Nicole's last night, so I hope to spend some time with her. Last night it was Terry and Helene's last night. There is always something to celebrate here, especially once you get started on birthdays. It all usually happens at the Happy Snapper.

G. says his shoulder is feeling a bit better, but he's still going to get an orhopaedic guy to check it out. He's immobilized his arm in a sling for at least a week. This is seriously cutting in to his ability to properly style his spiky Hollywood haircut. So if you happen to see him and he only gives you his good side like Mariah Carey does, it's probably only temporary. Until he can put his Petzl helmet back on.

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