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April 26, 2005

Here comes the pain again, falling on my (shoulder) like a memory....

G. got the official word today: the dislocation likely tore stuff inside his shoulder, and they need to go in and sew it back together. By "stuff," I mean: all the stuff they sewed up four years ago when he dislocated it previously on Frontal Lobotomy (5.10a) at Big Rock. This time he dislocated it with a rough landing at Mammoth, snowboarding with Don and Laura.

He's really disappointed, and I feel badly for him. He's basically out of commission on climbing, cycling, snowboarding, backpacking for a good ten months, at least. G. 's favorite activities? Climbing, cycling, snowboarding. The summer trip to Italy to visit Sierra, Yvonne and Michael is off. At least we can still snowshoe. He needs to join a gym so he can weight-train before and after the surgery, which is in the second week of June.

Posted by sedda at April 26, 2005 06:57 PM