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April 11, 2005


So our room at the Khao Lak Inn had this huge ant problem. Hundreds of these tiny blonde ants, everywhere. They're all in my bag, in all my stuff, you can't get rid of them.

Moira gave me two yummy mangostines to munch on the busride up to Kura Buri. I noticed there were ants in the bag this morning when I was packing up, so I just rinsed them off.

But then I decided not to carry the mangostines, just to eat them right now.

I was almost finished with the second one when I realized the little black flecks on the fruit weren't pieces of skin....they were ants inside the fruit! I ate a bunch of them. Yech!

On the upside, I did stumble across a free copy of Nick Hornby's "How to Be Good," so the book situation is vastly improved. And, I found the last spoonful of PB for my toast this morning. Lucky!

Hey check out photos from the 100 Days memorial at BBCnews.com

Posted by sedda at April 11, 2005 09:44 AM