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April 23, 2005

Enjoying Thailand

Since this was the last day before my last day, I decided to finally go see the half buried Buddha at Wat Phra Thong, back in Phuket province, and see where the day took me from there.

I caught the bus easily this time, then walked a few blocks to the Wat. The Buddha is sort of a head-and-shoulders Buddha, and he is surrounded by days-of-the-week Buddhas you can pray for for specific kinds of luck. I spent time with the rare Buddha with one hand on his own head, who offers beauty, good health, and success.

After a soda, I just barely missed the bus into Phuket town, so I caught a songathew instead. Nicer ride, but a bit slower. I went back to the used book store (ISO a certain title, but no luck) and picked up a Joe Simpson book instead.

At the bookstore, I ran into another volunteer, Flora, who had left a couple of days before, so we had lunch. They made me special panang curry with vegetables, but it was Thai Hot and I couldn't finish it. Very good, though.

While wandering back to the bus station I popped into a music store and found a recorder for Kong, from the boatyard project. He has a wooden Thai flute that he plays often, only it's splitting a bit because a wee friend of his bashed it like a stick. So it's been all taped up. Kong helped me out at the clinic when I bumped my eye, and I've been looking for something flute-y for him in thanks. I thought I got a really great deal on it (200bht), but now I see they are cheaper on Amazon!

I caught a lucky bus right away for the nearly 2-hour trip back to Khao Lak. I had my volunteer tag on, and the ticket taker wouldn't take any money from me! Later in the trip, I was sort of vegging out and I felt something lovely and cool on my elbow. It was an iced coconut drink in a plastic bag! The ticket taker treated me.

On the way back, I saw a beautiful red sunset over the water.

I got back just in time to ride with the boatyard crew (Moira, Andy, Scott, Kong, and various others) to have dinner at Kon's house, and it was a complete feast. Two kinds of fish, three curries, squid. All home made by his family. Crazy good food. People brought instruments, so there was a bit of a jam session. Two flutes, an accordion, a guitar, two rhythm eggs, and occasionally some recorders. To call it music would be an exaggeration, but we had a great time.

And, after bidding farewell to Heather last night, she gets to bid me farewell on Monday morning. She decided to fly to BKK rather than take the bus, and we'll probably share a taxi monday.

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