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March 24, 2005

World Vision

Well, I'm bailing out of the construction part of the boathouse construction project. The day started simply, sweeping out some deep rainwater on the boathouse floor with some palm branches (talk to the project manager about pouring concrete in Thailand, and timing the truckloads in a way that you get a proper surface that doesn't collect rainwater). A heavy piece of wood slipped and I got caught underneath it, it banged me in the head a bit, and in the process my sunglasses got crammed into my face. So I have a big shallow cut under my eye and I look like Rocky in the last round, since my cheekbone was bashed by my glasses (which weren't even scratched). "I culda been a contendah! Adriannnnnnn!"

I'm fine, though my cheekbone is a bit sore. I got to visit the local clinic just to be sure, and they saw me right away. I had a good doctor (who looked like she was from the ER cast, very hip) who gave me an antibiotic so the cut doesn't get funky in the heat, and an anti-inflammatory so that my face doesn't swell too much. No stitches, just keep it dry, is all. The Boathouse project manager, Scott, took me there, along with Kong, this cool Thai guy on the project who helped with translation and provided comic relief.

And so far I've gotten to tell the story about 30 times. My eye is going to look really gross for a good week, I think. All the colors of the world. How perfect.

Posted by sedda at March 24, 2005 04:43 PM