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March 27, 2005

Sunday's Color is: Puple eyeshadow with yellow highlights

Well, once a bruise goes yellow, the end is in sight. Still a little sore, but people have stopped staring at me, at least.

I was able to make it on the waterfall trip afterall; the toys for the kids thing has been delayed until after the 100 Days festival, when people have more time.

Dee (my roommate from Portugal/England), Sarah (England), Nate (Thai with ties to San Fran), a German volunteer, a Thai volunteer, and a bunch of Thai guys took the trip, about 30 minutes south to a small park called Limpee Hadd Taimuang National Park. The waterfall is about 100 yards from the parking lot, so there wasn't even much hiking. It's basically a swimming hole, which makes a much more impressive waterfall during the rainy season. But it was really pretty and mellow.

I should mention how the trip came together. Dee (or someone) wanted to go to the falls, which is a usual Sunday trek. Since it isn't far, we all were going to hitch. Earlier this week, Sarah and Dee have made friends with the desk clerks at our hotel, who hang out with the guys who own Ska Bar (basically a tiki hut with patio tables), and the guys who run the convenience store and the supermarket near Viking restaurant (or maybe they own the restaurant). Anyway, the last 2-3 nights, the whole lot of them have been hanging out at Ska Bar drinking Thai whiskey until 3am (I've been crashing early). Last night Sarah and Dee tried to convince them to go to the waterfall, but they all said they had to work.

This morning, when everyone was hung-over and underslept from last night's whiskey fest, Sarah and Dee invited them again. They all exchanged guilty glances, then they closed up the supermarket, and gave us all a ride in the Viking's open-air bus (which is basically seats in the back of a pickup truck, with an awning and some handle bars). They also brought Chang beer in a cooler, water, snacks and a beach mat.

For more about the Limpee adventure, please click continue below.

***The park was lush and beautiful, and we got there before the midday rush. There are a lot of vendors selling hot food from their motorbike carts, so we had a wonderful lunch made on the spot. Chicken on skewers (3 types), noodles, shrimp, sodas. The Thai guys harassed Dee about being vegetarian, by offering her bamboo from the forest to eat. It's an ongoing joke. Then we were offered squid jerky. Not a joke. Especially after you eat it. It's quite fishy.

While we were there, a group of about 10 Thai people marched up, and each one covered him/herself with a large tube-sarong, then pulled their clothes off down to a swimsuit (?) underneath, then folded the sarong shut around them to go into the water. Men and women, both. Then they basically showered in the waterfall. Thais are known for a bit of modesty, so it was interesting to see some Thai people wearing British-style Speedo kind of swimsuits, and other people wearing knee-length skirts for swimming.

The rest of the day was pretty mellow, and we'll all meet up for dinner in town around 7.

It will be a big week with a lot of work, with the 100 Days festival coming up.

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