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March 09, 2005

Suitcase Scramble

I solved the problem of how to get 138 beanie babies, two Thailand flags, 20lbs of playground balls+pumps, seven pairs of new/used kids' shoes, 500 ballpoint pens, 100 tshirts, several packs of colored pencils, various school supplies and a few other random things, to Thailand.

I'm limited to three bags, maximum of 70lbs each. This is because Shanti and I got special permission to check one additional bag to bring relief supplies.

I have no idea how heavy 70lbs is, and after the second bag you can't carry everything, anyway. So I keep lifting the garbage bags of donations, sort of weighing it in my hands and asking G. , How much do you think this weighs? He never knows. No matter how many times I ask him.

Since my cool adventure duffel is packed to the gills with beanie babies (ohhh SkyCap!), I decided earlier today to pick up an inexpensive wheely duffel downtown in the garment district, to make a single trip over with the rest of the donations. Shanti had some wonderful bags donated by Solomon, but she has filled them with other awesome donations for the kids.

Only, while absorbed in talking the downtown vendor down from $25 to $20, and feeling thrilled to have found an inexpensive solution, I forgot to inspect the bag, which — as Murphy would have it — had two damaged wheel covers, making it tough to roll fully loaded.

G. said he could fix it with a drill, some washers, bolts and nuts. Unfortunately, we were out of nuts, as I had used the last of them to make his Valentine ("I'm NUTS about you!" yuk yuk). So he had to run to Home Depot to get supplies. The bag is now sturdier than ever.

But—to weigh it! I hit up our rock-star next door neighbors for a scale. Chances of finding a bathroom scale there were pretty low. But it was 10:30 and they seemed to be the only ones up. Luckily, Josh's girlfriend's roommate had bought a scale when she was in the same pickle before a trip to London. She gave me directions and I drove the 1.8 miles (ahhh, love...they clocked the distance between their houses) to her apartment and picked it up.

And, I saved the best for last — Josh works at Quiksilver and may be able to help us get some clothes to children in Thailand!

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