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March 26, 2005

Saturday's color is: Brown With Purple Accents!

The swelling continues to go down, the rainbow continues. I still felt a little off with the puffiness, even after a great night's sleep, so I kept it mellow with some sewing and finishing some tsunami dolls, which are sold at the reception desk here at the center and at the craft shop. My friends Kate (England) and Sarah (Australia) have been working on screen printing the logos that get sewn on the dolls, and printing for flags and banners around town with the 100 Days' logo.

Tonight we'll hang at the Ska Bar, a patio area in front of our hotel. All the bars are outdoors here, tho some are outdoors under a thatch roof. The owners hide mosquito coils under the table to help with the bites. We use Tiger Balm to stop the itching afterward, though today we found out about a Thai remedy that is similar, with slightly different ingredients, and entirely in Thai so I can't tell you what it's called. Works great, though.

Sunday is usually reserved for trips to local waterfalls, which Dee and Sarah and Caroline will do, though I've promised to help give out some toys to kids (and take photos), so I'm not sure whether I'll make it this week.

Posted by sedda at March 26, 2005 06:34 PM