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March 02, 2005

New business cards for Pon, Shirts+Shoes for the kids

A woman that Shanti knows named Pon runs a small, remote resort on a small, remote island near Ko Phi Phi. She isn't getting help from the government due to a land dispute, and she's not getting much business from tourists, who don't understand that her little corner of the island weathered the tsunami well. She probably needs some fresh photos and a web page for advertising. Shanti cooked up the idea of updating Pon's business cards to give a professional feel to the business when talking with tourists. Shilpa is working with an aunt who's a printer, who will donate the printing for the causeā€”as long as Shilpa's friend the graphic designer can pull the design together, pronto, since it may take some time to print up.

In the meantime, Nike has sent Shanti 100 red soccer shirts for the kids, and some more flip flops for the Kamala kids.

Posted by sedda at March 2, 2005 06:08 PM