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March 29, 2005

More hitching in Khao Lak

I got a hilarious hitch just now. All day the roads have been lined with police officers, one every .5 km or so. I guess the King or Princess is in town. The police just have to stand there swealtering in the heat all day in full dress uniform plus an orange reflective safety vest. Well, Nid, a Thai woman who works for Scott on the boatyard project, she and I went to lunch, but it's not the Thai way to just leave a farang on the street to catch a ride. She had to make sure I went ok. So she talks to the cop to help. The guy stands in the middle of the highway and flags down this beater truck and the guys were freaking out that they'd done something wrong to get pulled over. Then the cop demanded that the guy take me the 15km or whatever back to the vol center. Luckily it worked out for them in the end! I had a good laugh about it.

Posted by sedda at March 29, 2005 04:19 PM