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March 22, 2005

More Beach Cleanup

Our group decided to beat the heat and start on the beach at 7am today. Boy it made a difference. It gets really roasting by about 10, 10:30, so we bailed around then.

We cleaned on Bang Niang beach, near the Craft Shop and the Police Boat (a local landmark — a large police boat that the wave beached a km or two inland). There were two more memorials, and one photo I found lying in the sand, a portrait of three (Thai?) women goofing around. It seemed to be part of a memorial, perhaps the one that had the fresh orchids in it, that were floating in the water now. I tied it to the top of a tall stick. I couldn't throw it away.

The Beach CleanUp team also is supposed to collect these small, square, brown glass bottles that litter the beach, called M150 bottles. They hold a Thai energy drink (like Red Bull), but apparently aren't refilled so people just toss them. The 100 Days' committee is going to use them to make commemorative lanterns for the ceremony. This will be impressive, and beautiful. A nice memorial.

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***I met a team of Christians from Oklahoma, who had collected money from back home and are filling trucks with care packages filled with Nescafe, soap, and a few other household things. There are about 10 in the group, maybe more—their 'office' is next door to the guesthouse I'm in. It's great to see how many people have been moved to just come and help. There have been plenty of news reports about how aid money isn't always getting through to the people, and so many of the volunteers I've met wanted to come here and see that their money went straight to those who need it, and quickly.

Stuart treated us to a free lunch today of veggie fried rice and omelette, courtesy of PADI, who has donated funds to help keep the water clean for divers. I'm hoping Simon wants to take over as Beach CleanUp coordinator. He's very enthusiastic about it.

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