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March 13, 2005

Made it to Taipei!

We made it through the first 14 hours of the flying and are in Taipei on a layover for a couple of hours. At this point it's a good time to acknowledge my dad, who years ago shelled out for a membership to one of those fancy airline clubs for me, which Shilpa and I are much enjoying now. Free internet, showers and noodle lunch with drinks, and no annoying announcements overhead. We feel like movie stars, the people in the club are so nice.

The flight was uneventful. Interestingly, you don't fly due west to Asia. Or at least, we didn't. According to the computer graphic they flashed on the screen occasionally, we left LA around 11pm (and change), flew north of Santa Barbara up toward Alaska, hit the Bering Straight by around 7am PDT, making almost a U-turn along the Asian continent. We flew over Japan around 9am, then landed in Taipei by 2pm (which was like 6am locally).

The airline food was as expected, except to note that the Chinese guy sitting next to me was so displeased with his Chinese breakfast (he made a face that said, "Euuuu," and I have to say it looked like gruel) that I offered him the mini-croissant from the American breakfast I chose. Which he immediately accepted.

Next stop, Bangkok!

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