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March 13, 2005

Made it to Bangkok!

We finally made it to Bangkok. I have to say at hour 18 of air travel I was completely done. With two hours left to go. And a serious case of Fanny Fatigue.

Customs was a non-issue and we hired a taxi for the 30-minute ride to the hostel (700bht, and abt. 38bht/$). We realized later we had hired the more expensive in-the-airport service, rather than the stand-in-the-queue service, but it was a done deal and it was a nice car, and although he assured us he knew where he was going (and it was clear he didn't, totally) he didn't get lost — though he did stop for directions.

We checked out the famed Chatuchak Weekend Market, open Saturdays and Sundays only. It's enormous, with everything from silk scarves to chicken nuggets to real knockoff Louis Vuittons. If you've ever been to The Alley in LA, just times it by about 75, add about 4,000 more people, and crank the heat and humidity up to about 89/90%.

To quote "Look," a local what's-happening magazine (which seems to specialize mostly in ads featuring young, scantily-clad women and what kind of time you might spend with them), "As for Chatuchak Market, it opens for every Saturdays and Sundays. The most important thing is we have to push the way through the crowd and our happiness can be disappeared because of our soaking sweat."

A little while after our happiness was being disappeared in our dizzying sweat, we took the sky train (it's a metro with a view, about $1 each way) back toward the hostel and decided to have Indian food for dinner, since it seemed familiar. (Full meal with dessert and drinks was about 235 bht, or about $5.) Yum-my.

There was a quote on the menu:
"The new year, the spring, wine and the beloved are pleasing;
Enjoy them Babur, for the world is not to be had a second time."
-Zahiru'd-don Muhammed Babur Padush Chazi, 1483-1530

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